Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More for the core

Last night, I took the kiddo for a walk and got in my 2nd workout for the day. Sort of. Part of it was an actual workout, because she was in the stoller and I was "power-walking" it. The last half was purely for fun, because the kiddo was having a blast running while I pretended to chase her. At one point she was giggling so hard that she was running with her hands over her face and couldn't see where she was going. It was too cute...yes, I am a silly, gushing about the kiddo runner girl. On the way home, we picked up leaves and pine cones. She's very intrigued with both, so I'm going to have to find some sort of craft we can do with them.

Tonight, I did another 20 minute core workout for the arms, stomach and back. I skipped the lunges and squats because 1) they hurt my right knee (making it difficult to run) and 2) I figured my legs would be getting a good workout when I do my 20-miler this weekend.

Run long & Livestrong!

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Vic said...

How cute. Gush away!