Tuesday, May 22, 2007


That's last year's time in the Astro's Race for the Pennant 5K. I am pretty sure, heat and all, I can beat that with no problem. My goal is to maintain a 10 minute pace. Why not try to beat the Easter Bun Run time of 30:15, you ask??? Here are a few reasons:

1) It's going to be 20-30 degrees warmer
2) The course has more turns...the Easter Bun Run was strictly out and back
3) There are actually couple of "hills" if I remember correctly...the Easter Bun Run was flat, flat, flat
3) I don't feel I got in true quality runs over the last few weeks of school (In other words, I had a shift in priorities and was a slacker in the running dept)
4) I've gotten in 2 weeks of "mock" speedwork on the dreadmill...not enough to make a vast improvement

Excuses, excuses...yada, yada. The goal is to have an awesome time. My nephew, Stephen is also running the 5K and is probably going to kick my arse! He runs cross country at his high school and doesn't understand why anyone would need to stop and get water during a 3 mile run. My younger nephew, Anthony, is going to run the kids 1k with the kiddo. All in all, this is going to be a fun event!

As for my fitness this week...I am still thoroughly enjoying week #2 of my freedom from school. This is pretty much how I feel right now:

Yesterday I did 45 minutes of Si6 in the morning and a loop around the park after work. I managed to make it around in 28:57, which is 9:59 pace with 2 quickie walk breaks. For me, that's pretty good...on the same date last year, my loop was 30:30.

Today, was a quickie 2-miler at the park with the kiddo in the new stroller. Did I mention that I LOVE the new stroller??? I do. It was a short run, mainly because I wanted to make sure the kiddo had plenty of time to play at the playground. Not that any amount of time would be enough for her when it comes to the playground. I think I'm going to try to fit in playground time every week when school is not too crazy. The kiddo loves running around outdoors! And, she goes to sleep much faster too. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dang, if you're in "hammer" mode Saturday morning 30:30 will fall no problem! Only issue is that Race for the Pennant is notoriously warm. Maybe better luck with the conditions this year, we've had a great May weather-wise thus far.


barbara said...

I'm so far behind in reading here! Let's see....

Well first of all none of us have yet to sign up for the race this weekend, so looks like we won't be there after all (which means I'll end up doing 10-12 out the front door).

I found a great pdf file on busting out the last 7 pounds; I didn't expect it to have anything new in there but was pleasantly surprised. Haven't done any of it yet though!

And I *love* the haircut! I've been toying with the idea of switching mine up a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'll see you on Saturday at the 5K! By the way, did you buy Si6 online? I've been to a couple of stores and they don't have it.


txrunnergirl said...

Hey Margo! Yay, I'm glad you're doing the 5k too! Yes, I ordered Si6 on-line, although a few weeks later I saw an info-mercial where they offered some free stuff with the purchase. They used to have it at Target, but I'm not sure what happened.

Marcy said...

You'll totally do it!! No probs!! ;D

I'd give you a metal just for running with the kids with a stroller. My God that would be torture for me (and the kids LOL) The 50 billion questions "Mom are we done yet?" "Can we get out?" the fact that I'd have to chain them in, and of course the whole extra weight to push around. You rock!!

Runaime33 said...

HI!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I plan on also doing this run, I havent planned my running clothes as of yet. But look for me I always run on the right hand side towards the middle of the pack. You will make your goal for sure this wknd see ya!

J~Mom said...

Good luck!!!!! I think your goals sound great!