Sunday, May 13, 2007


School is officially over for 2 weeks!

I wish I could say I kicked ass on my Stat final, but that was not the case. My day started with a Marketing presentation. It went well...really well! There's no doubt that I have an A in that class. I went into my Stat final with a 95 average, but I have no idea whether I will end up keeping that A in the end. When I say that final was as confusing as hell, I am not exaggerating. Before the test started, the prof told us that we had 3 hours to complete it and that 4 pm would be "Miller time". I thought that was odd, because the mid-term took me less than 2 hours to complete. For the mid-term, over 1/2 the class finished within 2 hours.

For the final, it was differen. All but 2 people were there after 2 hours. More than 1/2 the class was there after 3 hours. Every time I looked up from my test, I caught the gaze of another classmate who had the "what the hell is this?" look on their face. I'm sure that look was on my face as well. The 1st 2 questions (worth 20 & 15 points) were doozies...the remainder of the test was a piece of cake. I think I finally began to grasp the concept on problem #2 when the prof told us that we needed to wrap it up. After we all groaned and expressed our dismay, the prof said, "How about I buy everyone a drink?" You know a test is bad when your prof offers consolation with alcohol!

I along with a handful of other students took him up on his offer and met up for a margarita afterwards. It was a fun time. The prof is actually pretty cool and I had a chance to talk to some of the classmates that I really didn't know very well. Afterwards, I found out that the hubby and kiddo were out shopping, so I met another group of classmates for a pint at the Ginger Man. I haven't been there in years, so that was fun. I arrived home about the same time as the hubby and kiddo. I was out by 9:30, which I'm sure that had nothing to do with the alcohol combined with weeks of sleep deprivation. ;-)

I was planning to get up early for a couple of loops at the park. At the last minute, I turned off my alarm clock. Hell, school is over and it's Mother's Day...why not sleep in just this once? So I did. Sort of. I woke up around 6:15, but just laid in bed until the kiddo woke up around 6:50...not as late as I wanted to sleep, but later than normal for me. The hubby & kiddo took me to breakfast, then we headed to Central Market for tuna steaks to grill for my parents later and then we looked at some houses in a neighborhood we're interested in. The kiddo napped for almost 3 hours after we finally made it home...normally, I would jump at the chance to nap (but I usually have to study). For some reason, I was wide awake. So, I watched some TV was nice. Usually, I only get to watch TV when I run. It felt weird to lay on the couch and watch TV doing nothing else. I'm sure I'll be bored with that before my 2 week break is over...good thing - next semester I'm taking Economics. I doubt there will be time for lounging in front of the TV then!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your semester! Enjoy your break!


jamoosh said...

I hated stats. But the good news is a few more courses down. Good job!

justjunebug said...

oooooooh the Gingerman is my FAVORITE place ever ever ever!

barbara said...

Woo hoo! I am way behind in reading blogs, but here's to wishing you the best belated Mother's day possible.

3 hour nap from the little one? Now that's my idea of a great present!