Thursday, May 31, 2007

Party On Dude!

Have I mentioned that I work for a great company? Not only do they know how to work hard, they know how to play hard too. Last night, we had an outdoor event scheduled to begin at 5:30. Yep, that's was right in the middle of that wonderful downpour, complete with thunder and an exciting lightening show. Not to worry, the storm was gone by 6:30. Thank goodness, because with the rain we couldn't have the carnival type of deliciously sinful, fried foods and the band couldn't play. For the 1st time probably a decade, I actually had a funnel cake! Well, okay, I had about 1/8 of a funnel cake...that was about all I could handle of that fried, sugary sweetness. And the band? They were great...they play a lot in Austin and College Station, and they'll be here in Houston at Blanco's in June! Check them out here.

I really didn't think I would get in a run last night. But, after having a 'rita and that funnel cake, I needed to run! And, it's not like I had to study. After the kiddo was in bed, I put on my running shoes and limped to the treadmill. Apparently that speedwork on the incline the day before was not a good idea. Thanks to my bum left foot, I had been limping around almost all day. What on earth was I thinking? I had been limping around all day and I wanted to go for a run? I opted for the 45 minute Si6 workout instead. At least lunges and squats are controlled and don't require the hard impact with the ground. Fortunately, my new medical insurance kicks in tomorrow. Looks like I'll be making a doctor's appointment!

This morning, I only had time for the 20 minute Si6 workout. Hardly seems worth it, but I figure it's better than nothing. Tonight is the happy hour with my classmates. I'm hoping to have time for another workout after that...I've really been wanting to try the Si6 abs workout!

My freedom from classrooms and textbooks is coming to an end. Sigh. I was really enjoying it, but I am ready to tackle this semester and get it done. The best part? After this semester, I will be halfway through the program. Then maybe I'll stop questioning my sanity about going back to school. Then again, maybe not.


Marcy said...

OMG Funnel cake!!! Good God I can't remember the last time I had that, you know what's funny is that if I tried to eat one now I'd probably want to throw it back up. Feeling all the grease and sugar in my mouth (ok that was so gross, sorry), but when your a kid you eat those things like they're grapes LOL

I totally hear you on getting the exercise down after eating bad food, I'm the same way LOL At least you got it done!!

jamoosh said...

That's ten miles (at pace) this weekend young lady. Just think if you would have eaten the entire funnel cake!!! ;-)

txrunnergirl said...

Ugh JD, if I had eaten that entire funnel cake, I would still be sick!

Randy said...

Wow, funnel cake, haven't had one of those in ages. Rock on.

Congratulations on being close to the half way point in school...that is awesome.

Sounds like you had a good work out, take care of the foot ok.