Monday, May 07, 2007

Steamy Sunday

Well, I typed out a long post yesterday and Blogger ate it! So, here it is again...

Saturday night, the kiddo and I made it back home from the nephew's birthday party around 10:30 pm. Must have been some sugary birthday cake, because the kiddo was wide awake. By the time I read a story and got her to sleep, there were only a few minutes left in the Rockets game. The hubby took a separate car, so he could stay and watch the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight, which was probably a good thing..he hates it when I was yell at the tv during Rockets games. :-) By they way, we went with an American Express gift card for the nephew. Thanks for the suggestions!

Sunday, I woke up later than planned. I arrived at the park around 6:40 am, stretched and began a loop. From the very beginning, my right hip flexor felt funny. I tried to stretch it, but it still felt off. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out of the park or just do loops. My goal was 10 1st double digit run since the Seabrook Lucky Trail 1/2 in March. The humidity hit me like a ton of bricks and suddenly having a sip of the cold Gatorade in my car between loops sounded like a good idea. Decision made. I was doing loops.

I finished the 1st loop in 31:40 doing 5/1 intervals. At this point, I was just adjusting to the heat and humidity. Gotta love the 77 degree/80% humidity at 6:30 am! After my 1st loop, I ran into Coach Jon from Houston Fit and his two adorable daughters. They were setting up a lemonade stand near the Tennis Center. I had completely forgotten that it was Lemonade Day! Lemonade Day is sponsored by Prepared4Life and is designed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their own lemonade businesses. And, I would say that the girls were doing a great job! They had a prime location and offered the option of lemonade, Gatorade and thinking! By the time I finished my last loop, they had several customers.

My 2nd loop felt better, but I finished it in 32:33. Probably because I ran into Rebecca and stopped to chat without stopping my watch. She competed in the Dragon Boat races the day before, which sounded like a lot of fun! By this time, the hip flexor was really starting to make itself known. During the 3rd loop, I really began to feel the hip flexor! It hurt! By the time I made it 1/2 way around the pain had intensified. I took a couple of extra walk breaks only to realize that the walking hurt just as much, if not more than running. My final lap was slow due to the walking and aching hip - 33:20. I was going to squeeze in the extra milaege at the end to make 10 miles, but the hip changed those planned. I had a couple of glasses of lemonade and headed home.

As the day went on, the hip got worse and worse. At playgroup, it wasn't too bad, but by the time I made it to the library that afternoon it was hard to walk up and down stairs. By the time we made it to Pappasito's for dinner with my parents, I was limping. (Nothing a Margarita couldn't help!) By Sopranos time, it was even worse. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the lower back pain I've been having...that's due to my hips being out of alignment. Obviously, this is something I should have taken care of back when I had my previous insurance. My new coverage doesn't begin until June 1, and the deductible is a killer! But, the pain went away for awhile, so I put it off. The hip still hurt this morning, so I have a feeling I may not be running for a day or two at least. Actually, it works out - now, I don't have a distraction from studying for the next couple of days.


Vic said...

Bummer about the flexor. Now I REALLY wish I had been out Saturday morning to see Christy.

Hey, ask your hubby a question for me. Tarpon 160 or Ocean Kayak Prowler?

bunnygirl said...

Sorry about your hip. I've been dealing with a similar problem for two years, so take care of yourself.

Elliptical is good when your hip is hurting. FYI.

barbara said...

Lemonade's finally all making sense. We were driving around Indy on Saturday and suddenly my brother slams on the brakes.

Scared my mom half to death. Apparently he has a rule that if you see a kid selling lemonade, you gotta stop and buy some.

We did the drive-through method; SIL handed her the $$ through the window and we passed lemonade around for everyone.

Someone in aerobics today mentioned her daughter sold lemonade on Saturday too and at the time I thought what a coincidence!

aggie jogger '77 said...

Hate to hear about your hip issues...I have a pain in my mid calf too...not shin splints I don't think..very sharp at times..when I just get up from sitting and it goes away with walking or running only to return at unexpected times...Advil does help...but it's frustrating...only in my left leg....the lemonade sounds like a cool idea...btw...the park you are doing loops in is it Memorial by any chance? My brother lives in Houston and runs there alot...he ran in the Houston Marathon this year and finished...5:23 I think was his time...his first marathon. We will be running there together in '08. Randy