Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Return of the Evil Woman and the stroller from hell

Remember this evil person, um, I mean this lady? Well, she's back. I haven't seen her in over a month due to the school schedule. While I've managed to get in some running, the Si6 sessions have been on the back burner. Why? Because the running is so much harder to get back once you've slacked off too long. I may not be training for anything at the moment, but I do want to keep the endurance up. Plus, running burns WAY more calories than Si6 in a shorter amount of time. For example, I can run for 40 minutes and earn 4 WW points. But, for 40 minutes of Si6, I only earn 2 points. More points = more food. It's a no brainer when I'm short on time, but since I have my freedom back for two weeks, I want to add the Si6 back to my workout routine. Oh and yes, my glutes and hammies are making sure I know they've been neglected..they are so sore today!

Of course, priority #1 during my 2-week break is getting in lots of family time! Since I ran Monday morning, I had plenty of time to color, read books, and actually eat dinner with the kiddo and hubby that evening. Then, I woke up early Tuesday to workout do Si6 with the evil one. Since the hubby had to get to work earlier than normal, I decided to take the kiddo to the park after work for some exercise and playtime at the playground. It's funny, I made it home from work, changed clothes, loaded the kiddo and jog stroller in the car and made it to the park by 6:05 pm. Amazing! It used to take me almost that long just to go directly from my old job in BFE to the park.

Since the kiddo's bedtime is normally 8 pm, I decided that there was no time for an entire loop. I wanted some exercise, but I also wanted to give the kiddo plenty of time to play. Plus, I was using the p.o.s. jog-stroller-from-hell, so I knew I wouldn't be setting any speed records. So, I jog/walked (mostly walked) a mile out and back from where I parked. I did run into Roberta almost as soon as I arrived. On the way back, I saw speed demons Steve and Jake...luckily it was at a time when I was actually jogging. I wouldn't want to run into someone I know while slacking off. :-) After my walk with the kiddo, we headed over to the playground. The kiddo had a blast! And, she made some new friends. I have a feeling we'll be going back again soon.

A school update - I made an A in Quantitative Methods (a/k/a Stat)!!! Yay me! I made a B on the final which I am not happy about, but I only needed a 78 to keep an A, so I'll keep it.


Humble Runner said...

You should be able to get in a lot of running in two-weeks. Time to put the hammer down and get it none. …. Easy for me to say!

Is TRAINEO a paid site/service? It seems interesting.

I had a POS stroller. Trust me, consider a different model.... its made all the difference in the world for me. Nothing worst that 'fighting' with the stroller direction!

TX Runner Girl said...

Bill - Traineo is free! It doesn't have as many features as I would like, but it works for now. Yes, I am getting a new jog stroller soon!!! Hopefully before my 2 week break, so I'll have time to break it in.

barbara said...

I just saw your note about getting an A in stats! Woo hoo!!!!

By the time you get done with that degree, I just know you're going to be the lover of stats that I am. The cool part is that I've found someone to actually pay me to get to do stats - all day long!

txrunnergirl said...

Stats...all day long...ugh, I think I might rather flip burgers at McDonalds Barbara!!! ;-)