Monday, May 21, 2007

Funk Is My Attitude

Wow, what an awesome weekend. With the hubby away at a fishing tournament, the kiddo and I had a girl's weekend.

Friday was a crazy day at work, but I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes to go on-line and buy 3 tickets to see The Wiggles!

The show isn't until August, so I haven't told the kiddo yet. She's going to be so excited! On Friday night, the Kiddo and I went out for pizza with the grandparents.

On Saturday, the kiddo decided to wake-up at 6am. I wish I already had the new jog stroller, because what else is there to do at 6am than go for a run? Well that, and watch the Wiggles. Around 9 am, the kiddo and I picked up my Mom and we headed to the Woodlands Mall...the kiddo was getting her 1st "real" haircut. Until now, I have been trimming her hair...and not doing a very good job. It was time for to let a pro do it. We went to a place designed specifically for kids and she loved it! They even braided the sides and tied the braids together with a bow. Afterwards, she told anyone who listened, "I got a haircut!" and pranced around the mall. Then, we all went to lunch at Rockfish (my late Mother's Day treat from my Mom).

Next on the agenda - Luke's Locker. After much research, I decided to break down and buy the Caddy of jogging strollers...a BOB Revolution!

I am horrible about making what I consider a fairly large purchase. I go back and forth about how I don't need to spend so much. In this case, I finally justified it and just bought it. I had read nothing but good things about this stroller. I just didn't want to end up with another P.O.S.-stroller-from-hell! Anyway, I decided on this one, because you can make the front wheel swivel or fixed which means you can use it for running or at the mall. And, you can get an infant carrier adapter, which will come in handy if/when we decide to have kiddo #2....of course, that may mean we would eventually be in the market for a double stroller instead. Oh well, we'll worry about that if/when the time comes.

Last on the agenda was a haircut for me. I love getting my hair cut! Something about it just makes me feel great...even though I just got the same cut, only a little shorter. :-) On the way back to pick up the kiddo, I threw on the sunglasses and cranked up the old school Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hey you mister interview
I dont have to answer you
This is what I grew into
Dont judge me and my soul stew
Cause funk is my attitude
Funk is my attitude

Once she was in the car, it was back to the VeggieTales version of "The Wheels on the Bus". Finally, we headed home where the kiddo and I made popcorn and watched Dora's Pirate Adventure for the 587th time. After she went to bed, I watched two chick flicks that I knew the hubby would not want to watch - Little Children (great story & acting, but a bit disturbing in parts) and Because I Said So (okay, but Diane Keaton got on my nerves with her crazy outfits and goofy humor).

I thought about the day and how much I was enjoying my hiatus from school. I realized that if I had not been in school, then I would probably take a day like Saturday for granted. But, after having weekend after weekend consumed with school stuff, I really appreciated every second of the day and being able to do stuff I wanted to do rather than what I had to do. Life is good!

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J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!! Haircut and a new stroller!! YAY!