Friday, July 06, 2007

Ho hum

Well, work has been busy! I managed to survive my first trips to our Dallas and Austin offices this week, so now I can get back to my regular schedule again. Still no running, although I may try to get in a lap around the park and some swimming after permitting.

I've been resting the quad since Monday, so that I could hopefully make the houston fit 10-miler tomorrow. It turns out that we're going to the beach bright and early in the morning instead. Hey, I only get one weekend off from school all summer...I better take advantage of it and get in some family time. Looks like it'll be another Sunday solo run. Not as fun, but I'm not sure the quad could take 10 miles anyway.

Gee, not much to say today. I have tons of work to catch up on now that I am back in the office. Sorry for the boring post!

Have a great weekend!


Marcy said...

Yes, you have to most definitely make the most of your 1 weekend off! Have fun at the beach!! Hopefully the 10 miler won't be too bad :-)

RunnerGirl said...

ENJOY the beach!!! You can ALWAYS run 10 miles, in or out of a race, but the beach... man you have to grb that when it presents itself!

J~Mom said...

I hope it was a fun time at the beach!! Family time is priceless!!

scott keeps running said...

No sense pushing the quad if it isn't 100%. Lots of sense to go to the beach! :)