Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quick Update

Well, our DSL is not working at home and my laptop is fried, so I can only blog from work before my day gets started. Not much to report. I have a major addiction to my snooze button that needs to be stopped. Is there a Snoozers Anonymous? :-)

I slept in yesterday, which only allowed for a 20 minute treadmill run. I was planning to do 30 minutes. This morning, I only ended up running 30 minutes, rather than 40. Tomorrow morning I vow to not push the snooze button at all!

I've decided to try to get in as many morning runs as possible. It's least disruptive to everyone in the house. I was doing this for awhile last year, but then got lazy. I love it because it allows me to still spend more time with the hubby and kiddo and no one's schedule has to be rearranged to provide childcare. Well, except on the long-run days. Plus, it would just be plain crazy to attempt runs at the park right after work in the 100+ heat. So, as much as I hate the treadmill, it's what I need to do.

Just an update on the laptop...I haven't tried to turn it on yet. Everywhere I looked on the web, people advised waiting 48 hours so everything can dry out. I'll try to turn it on tonight. Keep your finger's crossed!

That's it for now. Have a great day!


Mom is on Decaf Now said...

Keeping my fingers crossed on the laptop!! I need to join snooze anonymous if you can find a meeting spot for us!

Marcy said...

Awwhhhh bummer on the DSL and laptop! Hope you can get that fixed soon!

I hear you on the AM runs. I HATE getting up early but it just works out soooooo much better with everyone's schedule and it's totally a bonus not having "exercise" looming over your head after a long day.

barbara said...

48 hours? That doesn't make any sense. Pop the battery out of the back of it, give it a couple of minutes and try it again.

And if that doesn't work, shoot me an email and I'll see if I can use any of my connections to help you.

Marathon Maritza said...

Maybe you should start Snoozers Anonymous. I will be your first sign up! (I have been snoozing for 30 min every morning - in 9 min. snooze increments, I don't know why I don't just re-set the whole darned thing altogether. I guess I'm hopeful it won't go 30 min.)