Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just a quick update, because I have to get ready for work! I ran 2-miles on the dreadmill last night. The quad didn't hurt much while running, but afterwards it was really sore and is sore again this morning. I think I am going to take Jamoosh's advice and rest for the remainder of the week so I can run with Houston Fit on Saturday....it's our only weekend this summer when we have no classes, so I better take advantage!


Randy said...

Do take care of your quad....I've got a nagging pain in my left shin that I cannot shake even with time off (I only had 15 miles in June). I'm not sure what to do now.

Marcy said...

Rest up baby!! I think it will do you some good :-)

J~Mom said...

Yes, the more rest and ice the better!! I wish I would ever take that advice! LOL

Have a great 4th!