Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I sit here typing with the dog cowered beneath my feet. He hates thunder, but he hates fireworks even more! :-)

As some of you know, my quad has been bothering me for about a week. Well, I was kind of at a loss for how to workout without aggravating it. Last night, I finally decided to do just the arm and stomach sections of the Si6 workout. Not as good as getting in a run, but definitely a good workout! I paid extra attention to my form and made sure I gave it my all. It worked, because when I woke up this morning, my arms and abs felt nice and sore.

Today, I slept in till 7:47! Awesome! Because of the quad issues, the 4th of July 5K was out of the question for the 4th year in a row.

2004 - I was 5 months preggo...not happening!
2005 - Went out of town
2006 - Shin splints from running, doctor's orders
2007 - Quad issues

The good news...I remember running this race in 2003. My time was 35:04. Seeing as how I ran my last 2 5Ks in 30:15 and 29:57, it's great to know that I have gotten faster. Great indeed.

The kiddo and I went to my parent's neighborhood, where the kiddo rode her bike in the subdivision parade. She did a great job of pedaling the entire route, although I ended up pushing her a lot of the way just to make sure we kept up with everyone. I think I worked some back muscles I didn't know I had from being hunched over for almost a mile! :-) And to top it off, it started raining about the same time the parade started. We had lunch with my Mom and headed home where we hung out until the hubby woke up. Next, we headed to the park and ended the day with dinner at Beck's. Now, the kiddo is asleep and I'm about to begin my homework while watching the festivities downtown on TV. Not the most exciting way to spend the 4th, but in my opinion it's been a near perfect day! Hope everyone else had a great 4th too! Oh, and check this out...what a difference a year makes...and no, I am not talking about the neighbor's dead grass. Check out the kiddo! :-)

Oh and just a side note...on Monday, I decided to re-commit to eating better (for the 134th time). I am quite proud of myself, because even when traveling to Austin for work yesterday and with the holiday today, I have done remarkably well! We went to 2 different restaurants today where I could have been really, really bad. Instead, I made smart, healthy choices. Considering last year I made cupcakes and pretty much ate half of them myself, I am pretty damn pleased!


scott keeps running said...

it was our puppies' first 4th and they sure didn't like the fireworks either. :( luckily we don't have the thunder issue up here like houston.

rest those quads.

Marcy said...

It IS crazy how fast they grow :-( Before you know she'll have a boyfriend and be driving your car LOL. So sad.

Love those little curls on her!! hehe

Rest up that leg!! I hope it starts to feel better!