Friday, July 27, 2007


There was no running last night. I was very responsible last night at the meeting. I had one glass of wine, followed by lots of water. And, I had one small slice of pizza, instead of 3 larger ones (which I really wanted)! Weight Watchers has been going well for me these days, so I wasn't going to completely blow it. I was all ready to run, but when I pulled into my driveway, I had company. Not just the in-laws. but the hubby's aunt and uncle too. Bummer. And to top it off, my boyfriend wasn't on tv last night, so I don't even have the DVR-ed show to look forward to this weekend. I did manage to finish my two case studies, so that's something.

I'll give running another try this afternoon (weather permitting).

In the meantime, just a few running items I've been meaning to mention here. It seems I keep getting sidetracked by other, more pressing items (like this).

  • Cassie bought up the topic of accelerade in her blog. Here's my .02....I tried the blue, pre-mixed version that you can find with all the other sports drinks at your local Krogers. The 1st time I tasted it, it just tasted too strong to me. But, as I was running, it didn't seem too bad. (Could be due to the fact that it was hot and anything would have tasted good.) However, I did notice a couple of things. First, it left a weird residue on my teeth. Second, it got really foamy (almost like beer). What I didn't know is that Accelerade also comes in a powdered form. I may either try this and add more water, or just water down the pre-mixed stuff. Or, I may just stick to my lemonade-flavored Gatorade. One thing worth noting is that, per the website, Accelerade is "the first and only protein-enhanced sports drink containing carbohydrate and protein in a patented 4:1 ratio."

  • I've resorted to wearing only my running skirts on my long runs these days. I love the gym girl skirt from Skirt Sports! It has nice compression shorts underneath, so I don't have to worry about my shorts riding up. Trust me, I don't want to waste any energy constantly tugging at my shorts...I need all my energy for the run!
  • Finally, I am in dire need of a new fuel belt! Mine is really old and looking pretty sad the days. I love it, because it has a real buckle instead of velco like the newer ones. And it has more pockets for stashing stuff like gu, salted pumpkin seeds and a cell phone (yes, I carry one if I am doing a long run alone!). So, I've been looking around and have decided on this one. Now, if I can just get my butt into the store to get it!
  • This one looks interesting though....

So, that's it for now. Hopefully, next time I post, I will have lots running and maybe even some biking to talk about.

Have a great weekend!


Tiggs said...

I was about to ask if you saw the pink fuel belt when I saw the picture! when I get a new one I'm either getting the pink or the blue.
also, I have a few running skirts of different brands (Nike, Lands End, Triks). I just bought a running skirt at Target (champion brand) for $19 and it has become my favorite one! I love it! I hope I can find more of them.

txrunnergirl said...

Cassie, I saw those skirts at Target. I'll have to try it one...I saw a navy one and a white one with pink trim. Very cute!

Mom tried decaf once said...

I just got the Target one as well. So far (after only one run) it gets too thumbs up for me. The only bad thing is no place to tuck my ipod but I can just get an armband for that.

I want to try the kind you got! After I catch up from my bike purchase! :)

K said...

I am getting the one at target too! We'll all look so cute together!

Holden said...

"I've resorted to wearing only my running skirts on my long runs these days."

LOL! Is the weather really that hot? When and where is your next long run????????????

Holden said...

Sorry. I've tripped and fallen into the gutter during my last run.

txrunnergirl said...

LOL, okay maybe I should clarify...a running skirt and a SHIRT. :-)