Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busy, Busy

Wow, for my "relaxing" 4-day weekend, it has been a busy 3 days so far!

I have a problem - it's called crowding waaayyy too much in one day! I think it's some kind of freakish disorder, because I do it and then wonder why I'm so freaking tired! Friday, the day consisted of taking the kiddo to play in the mall play area, getting the kiddo a haircut, a ride on the carosel, waiting over an hour for a pic with the Easter Bunny, seeing "Horton Hears a Who!" (cute movie, but maybe a little over a 3 year old's head), straightening up the house, going to the grocery store, a walk to the playground and finally dinner. The hubby and I did watch the new Halloween movie, which was actually not bad!

Saturday was just as crazy. After picking up a package from Fed Ex , we headed to the old house for the last of our stuff (well, except for what's in the shed), stopped at Target for the kiddo's Light Sketcher:

She announced 2 days before Christmas that she wanted it, but we had already done our shopping. So, when she actually slept all night in her "big girl bed", I decided it was time to break out a year-old gift card that I had tucked away and take her to get it. Anywho, next was an Easter egg hunt at my parent's neighborhood, dyeing eggs, making cupcakes, taking another walk to the playground and finally ending the day with dinner and "No Country for Old Men" (excellent movie, which I had already seen...the hubby hated the ending.)

Sunday, we headed to my parents for early lunch and an egg hunt, then to the sister-in-laws for another egg hunt and dinner. The kiddo was worn out after all the egg hunting with her cousins and chasing each other around the yard with confetti eggs.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to have a day that's a bit more calm. I'm taking my last vacation day before going on maternity leave. I have an ultrasound in the morning and school at between, I hope that the kiddo and I can just hang out and do a lot of nothing.


Thursday - 30 minute neighborhood walk

Friday - 25 minute neighborhood walk

Saturday - 30 minutes neighborhood walk


Viv said...

Yaa, on the kiddo sleeping all night in her big girl bed!

I know what you are saying, I am super guilty of getting it all done in one day.
I am with the hubby on the ending of the movie. I though maybe I am not deep enough to understand it.

Enjoy seeing the new kiddie on the ultrasound, I hope all looks great! Try to relax just a lil' :-)

Margo said...

Whew - I'm tired just reading about all that! Sounds like you packed lots of good stuff in though.