Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Baby!

We'll the little guy is measuring big, but my doc is still not concerned.

I am!

He currently weighs 5 lbs...I have 5 more weeks. Ack! They tend to gain about 1 lb per week at the end! And, to top it off the doc said, "He's in the 63rd percentile, so he's not that big. (pause)Well, his head is big". Um yeah, not exactly what I wanna hear. Seriously, I could have done without that info. I'd rather go into labor & delivery blindly on that one. LOL! I'm like, "How big? Abnormally big? Huge-mongous big? Yep, I am va-jay-jay is too.

Workout Stats
25 minute neighborhood walk w/the kiddo in the stroller. Good times!

Ps...Pony, I will post some pics of the house and neighborhood just as soon as I get some new batteries for our camera. I can't find the rechargeable ones...well, that and the cord that lets me download pics. Doh!


Marcy said...

You only have 5 weeks left?!? My gosh! Don't worry chica!! I think you, the baby, and the va-jay-jay will all make it out intact LOL

Viv said...

Maybe the mismeasured happened with me, but than I had to have a c section since his head was so big, so cancel that LOL!

It will go well, especially since you have been so active the baby can't be that big right.

I can't believe 5 more weeks your almost there, yaa!! said...

I was catching up .. but that was a TMI post. Isn't there a gender filter in blogger? ;)