Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a follow-up to the earlier post...yes, Holden and K I moved up North! Not exactly in The "real" Woodlands, but about 5 minutes southeast of there. :-) It sounds like I am in good company!

Barbara, I didn't even realize that Champions Fit was that close! But, I have to admit, it may be even closer to go with Woodlands know I value that 5 extra minutes of sleep.

Looks like I have more options than I thought! Cool beans!


Holden said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Woodlands Fit is the way to go I think. I believe we have the best scenery out of all the Fit groups. If not Fit, there is also the Like's beat program.

Did you know that pine trees are great air filters? We have over abundance of them here in the Woodlands and the air is so incredibly fresh on Saturday mornings. Plus you get to meet uber coaches like Bill Dwyer who makes going faster so incredibly fun.

Best part, you get to hang out with interesting personalities like Rick Cook, Jon Walk, Karen F., David Smart, me and so on.

Hey I guess this also means that after kiddo #2 is born, you'll be coming over to race in the RTW 5K series! Way cool!

Holden said...

Luke's. I meant Luke's Locker.

K said...

Holden, you forgot to mention that we have such awesome shade during those hot, sunny months!!

We need to recruit Barbara to the Woodlands... then life would be perfect!!