Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My how time flies!

I just realized that I am almost at my 2-year "blogiversary"!

It's hard to believe that time has just flown by! When I started this blog, I was training for Chicago '06, studying for my PHR and the GMAT.

Since then, I have started and almost finished grad school, run several 1/2 marathons (as I vowed no more full ones until grad school is done), I got a new job, got knocked up, bought a house and met a bunch of awesome people through blogging (many of whom I now consider friends!).

Hopefully, my next year of blogging will bring more running, more races, less school nd more friends. :-)

Hopefully, before the next blogiversary I will have finally changed my header back to the regular one. LOL!

Oh, and to Margo and Tiggs...yes, we will have to do a blogger-girls margarita night out!!!!


Barbara said...

Too funny on the header!

Hey, you could conceivably (get it? conceive???) have three kids by this time next year!

Viv said...

Happy blogversery!! I am so glad I found you, well you found me but I am glad. Had to say something mush at your anniversary..hehehe