Monday, April 14, 2008

Showers, Hockey and KFC

I am beat. I wished I had stopped at Starbucks this morning, because I am soooo sleepy.

This past weekend will hopefully be the last crazy, back-to-back activity filled weekend before the baby is here. I do have tons of school stuff to take care of, but I want to relax as much as possible over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday was nutty! I had class in the am, then had to head home to change and get ready for another baby shower for the munchkin. It was awesome! This one was mostly family with a few friends mixed in. The munchkin received lots of cute clothes, diapers and even a few items that didn't even exist when the kiddo was born! It's amazing how much things have changed in 3 years. The kiddo even received a few gifts from her grandparents...lemme tell you, we found out on Saturday that the kiddo is a natural born entertainer. I wasn't going to bring her to the shower, but I am so glad I did! She helped me open the presents and put on a little show for the guests between each gift. I'm talking about dancing around the room with tissue paper, doing "ballet" turns and just being silly. Talk about comic relief..she had the room rolling.

Afterwards, several family members came by to check out the new house. Then, the hubby and I were just sitting around with the kiddo on the back patio when my mother-in-law asked, "Are ya'll still going to the wedding?" We looked at our watches and it was friend's wedding was starting at 7 pm! Thank God, I was pretty much ready, the hubby can get ready pretty quick and the location was not very far...we made it to the wedding with about 3 minutes to spare. We did get home in time to relax a bit. We watched American Gangster, which I had already seen. The hubby liked it, but apparently not as much as I did.

Sunday was pretty much just as crazy. Grocery store in the am, followed by a birthday party for one of the kiddo's school friends at Monkey Bizness, followed by the Aeros game with the GSA (Graduate Student Association, not the Girl Scouts of America...hehehe) from school. In between, there was a little time for sorting through baby clothes, decorating the nursery a little, but that's about it. Last night at 10:30 pm, I finally got to sit down on the couch and do nothing. Then, I realized that I should probably just go to bed. :-)

Today is work and then school. We're supposed to be getting our final paper topics in my Ethics class, so my goal is to get to work on it asap. I have two other assignments due in that class before the final, so I hope to get all 3 done by the end of this weekend. In MIS, the prof gave us 18 sample essay questions to help us prepare for our final. The final will have 7 of those questions and one "wildcard" essay question....we're supposed to write 4-5 pages on each essay topic! Ummmm, 32 pages to write in 4 hours...I can't wait. Not. Ummm, yeah, so much for the relaxing thing I was talking about at the beginning of this post.
By the way, did I ever mention that my prof looks like Col. Sanders of KFC? True story.

Workout Stats
Friday, 25 minute slow walk in neighborhood


Margo said...

I'm tired just reading your post! ;-) Good luck!

Barbara said...

You did more this weekend than I do in a typical month!

That was pretty funny about almost forgetting the wedding. The reception is the important part anyway!

Viv said...

Great, on the shower! I know they keep coming out with new stuff. I had to get a shower present the other day and was stunned at all the new things available.

Ummm, relaxing where do you see fitting that in missy??!! :-)

I am looking forward for your kiddo, such an exciting time! Than a couple months after that I can have a local cycling pard..hehehe

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, Viv I am so there! I cannot wait to get back on the bike!!!