Wednesday, April 09, 2008


What workouts?

Ever since I was having those lovely BH contrax a week or so ago, I've been a little scared to do too much. So, here are my lame workouts over the past week:

Wednesday, 4/2
25-ish minute walk with a 1/2 hour stop at the playground in the middle

Friday, 4/4
25 minute fast walk around the mall getting very last minute shower/bachelorette party gifts for that night

Sunday, 4/6
Another not real workout - walked around the block while the kiddo rode her bike..approximately a 1/2 mile, but I was uncomfortably bent over her making sure she didn't ride off of the sidewalk...that has to count for something. LOL!

Monday, 4/7
Trying to stay awake in Ethics class...does that count? It takes quite an effort!

Tuesday, 4/8
Walked up and down stairs what felt like 100 times taking the baby gifts from the living room to the nursery. :-) Hey, I was exhausted afterwards!

1 comment:

Viv said...

I would call all those workouts when supah preggo! Especially that staying awake in Ethics class.