Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, I went to the doc today for the 1st of my now weekly visits. Everything is sign of any progress being made, the doc isn't worried about the size at all which means no 37 week ultrasound, and I actually LOST 2 lbs! Considering all I've been eating lately (pretty much anything in the fridge that doesn't have mold on it), I don't know how in the hell that happened. So that's it. My doc is actually out of town next week, so I don't even have another "weekly" appointment until the 24th. I am so ready for this child to get here. The 1st time around, I was still enjoying being pregnant at this point. This time, I have been ready for a few weeks...of course, now that the doc is going out of town, I guess the baby can wait a little longer.

Honestly, I sort of wished she would have said, "OMG, this baby is ready to come start your maternity leave tomorrow!". LOL. Seriously, I get tired out early every night which makes doing homework after the kiddo is in bed very difficult, I am having trouble concentrating while at school and work, I get sleepy in every meeting and class I have (and even sometimes when driving home)...I just feel so out of it and soooo inefficient. Not to mention the crotchy pain, round ligament pain, crappy sleeping due to the hip pain, the fact that my feet barely fit into my shoes, and all that stuff. Sigh.

Sorry, the intent of this post was not to have a big pity party. I'll stop now.

In other news, my preggo hormones are making me one mean, ol' biotch on the roads. Probably due in part to my new triple the distance, double the time commute. Seriously, people on the roads have been pissing me off lately, so here's a little vent:

  • Look lady, the speed limit is 65 on the toll road. Why are you in the left lane doing 50 when there's no one in front of you? Move your ass over to the far right lane! Better yet, take your ass to the feeder road.
  • Dude who insisted on tailgaiting me yesterday...traffic was bumper to bumper and moving at about 50 in all the lanes. I'm sorry, but I simply cannot go 80 if there are cars in front of me and on both sides all going 50, now can I??? So why, why, why do you insist on riding on my ass? Yes, that's keep doing it and I will slow down to 50 and maybe even 45 mph.
  • Okay mo-fo's, there are signs MILES back telling you which lanes go to which highways in which direction. So why in the hell do you insist on waiting until the very last minute to try to merge in front of me? People like YOU are the reason the traffic is backed up for miles in the 1st place. Oh, and when I am nice and I do let you in, you don't even have the courtesy to wave a thank you! What happened to common courtesy anyway? That's it, I'm not letting anyone else in. Screw you.
  • Lady on the cell phone - I have nothing against people talking on the cell phone and driving...IF and ONLY IF they can stay in their lane at the same time. Apparently you can't, so you need to get off the road or get off the phone.

Well, that about sums it up. I feel better already. :-)


Viv said...

Ummm, maybe we can meet after the second kiddo is born ;-)

LMAO, remind me to not drive close to ya. Mo'fo's hahaha! I love that one.

Hang in there, I think you are doing great with all that is going on.

Jamoosh said...

I thought about mounting a paint ball gun on my car and tagging all the idiots on the road - then we would all know who they were!!!

Margo said...

Ha! Your comments about the driving has me nodding my head in agreement! People are seriously driving with their heads up their butts lately! said...

Regarding the driving comments, you must be my long, lost sister (in addition to the one I already have)! :)

Here, here!

I do two things when they finally get around me - after I've blocked them in for about a mile or more, I wave at them and smile -or- I do a very visual golf clap. :)