Friday, April 25, 2008

Still here...

I had my regular weekly dr's appointment yesterday.

There's no new news..she just did her thing and said, "Yeah, I'll be seeing you again next week." So that's it...another stubborn baby. Well, that or I just have a stubborn cervix/uterus/whatever. So, it looks like I will be taking my MIS final as planned next week...although after reviewing my notes and study questions, I am sooooooooo not ready. Let's see if I can perform a miracle over the weekend with some heavy cramming. Damn, and I can't overload on caffiene in my state for those late night cram sessions! Ugh!

Lemme tell you, once this baby is here and my semester is officially done, this girl is having one of those Cyclone Anaya-sized margarita's! I think it will be well deserved!


Marcy said...

LOL that's how it was with my second also. Did not want to come out. I'm supa excited chica!! The day will be here before you know it ;D ;D

Viv said...

LMAO U deserve 2 sweetie! One in each hand :-)