Monday, June 23, 2008

Save the ta-tas!! (TMI warning)

Mine to be exact! Guys, you may want to skip this post. :-)

I need some help from the well-endowed girls out there! Can you recommend a sports bra with good support for the ta-tas????

I've never had this problem before! I guess it's a good problrm to have though, hehehehehe!

I used to be able to get away with wearing the cheapy $9.99 sports bras from Target..even when I was nursing the kiddo.

But omg, it's totally different with the munchkin! I just started running again last week and I had to hold my boobs!!! Don't worry, I was indoors on my treadmill...not outdoors or in public. Regardless, that's no way for a girl to run!

TIA for your help!!!


Pony and Petey said...

Good for you for feeding your little guy the best!

My recommendation is to visit and look at what they sell and then see if you can find the same thing online somewhere else.

They have neat stuff but it's pricey and I know I've seen some of their stuff other places for much better prices.

But they do seem to have a great selection of sports bras...hope this helps!

Viv said...

LOL! Some peeps love the Title Nine Frog bra. I am a sure the will be great for you. I am in the Enell category and I am a "firm" believer in it.

MOF said...

Never tried an Enell but thinking of it now that I've heard so many great things about it. I know Top Drawer carries them and of course shopping online. I used some "motion" something bra that was recommended and I HATED it!! It kept cutting my skin. I threw it away otherwise I would look up the correct name. I use a Nike clasp in back bra followed by Nike or Champion compression bra (the kind you just pull on overhead). Hate doing the 2 bra thing, but so far that's what's worked for me.

Jill said...

I love the high impact sports bra from Gap Body. I think the last one I got is actually a size smaller than my actual bra size (I took off the tags that is why I am not positive!!). I then put on a compression bra on top of that. I have tried others, but I like this one the best.