Sunday, June 15, 2008


Despite being in school all day on Saturday, it was a fan-freaking-tastic weekend. Friday was a fun-filled day with the kiddo (Viv, we enjoyed hanging out with ya'll!!).

Saturday was school, followed by a fajita dinner with the in-laws. I stopped at the store on the way home from school for some margarita mix, but the kiddo and I fell asleep on the couch before the margarita's were even made. LOL!

Sunday started with a swim at the pool - 400 super slow meters, some laps were better than others. About 100 of those meters were backstroke...just so I could take a break from inhaling pool water and coughing up a lung. :-) The rest of the day was split between time with my inlaws and my parents to celebrate Father's Day. Here's a little project I worked on for the hubby from the kiddos. Next year, I fully intend to have a new camera because the pics from my current point and shoot are getting worse and worse. Maybe there's a SLR in my future!?!?!


Jamoosh said...

Apparently my cat cannot spell - hence no pictures of Father's day on my blog!

Marcy said...

OMG HOW STINKIN CUTE!! And look at the little man all smiling!! Adorable!

Viv said...

The kiddos are so cute! Riley is just adorable. LB was like Mom i really like hanging out with Wiley(that is how he says Riley)