Monday, June 09, 2008

Time Management

I woke up at 7 am this morning...later than usual. The kiddo is usually in our bedroom by 6:15, wanting to watch her cartoon and ready for breakfast. I decided that today I would get on a better schedule...even though I am not at work, I am answering e-mails and doing a little work here and there. I also have school work...there's a ton of that this semester! And of course, there is the main part of my life right now - the new baby!

What I learned in my 1st day of getting on a schedule is that life with a 5 week old does not fit into a perfect schedule! My hour of reading work e-mails, was more like 10 minutes before the munchkin wanted to be held...he's still not sure about the bouncy seat yet. :-) My hour of homework while the baby napped, ended up being tummy time with the baby and bathing the baby after some nasty spit-up.

The hubby and I did manage to take turns working out. We both chose to ride our bikes today. He went first - an hour ride on the trails. Then me - a 1/2 hour on the streets of the 'hood. This ride was much better than last week's..! Less headwind, less humidity and not quite as hot. I originally wanted to do the 2-mile loop around the neighborhood 3x, but opted to explore more sections of the neighborhood instead. Once I have the go ahead to really workout from the doc on Thursday, I want to increase the mileage a bit more. Then maybe I will start posting my real workout stats, lol.

Tomorrow, I'll head out for a walk and see if I want to start some slow intervals. Wednesday will be my swim day.

Now, if I could just get better with my WW points. The hubby being home during the day is not he insisted on getting us both a milkshake from Sonic! Ugh! Somewhere along the way, I lost my will power!

Workout Stats
30 minute bike ride


Viv said...

Sweet on getting the ride in. Christy you are doing so much as a new mom!! I wish I had that energy back then and you have 2!

Girly, you are gonna be blowing through the flexies on that one. Tell me all about it. Was it just delish :-)

K said...

I couldn't even think about exercising with a wee one of 5 weeks. I took a full year to start getting back into the swing of things.

You are doing awesome. A shake is a deserved treat!