Friday, June 13, 2008

Pics, pics and more pics (this for you Pony!)

First of all, I had my 6 weeks dr appt today and I am officially cleared to workout. Woohoo!

After my appt, I had one errand to run before heading home. I had the baby with could day this was our 2nd real outing together. I was pleasantly surprised to run into Tiggs! Cassie, was great talking to you!!!
No workouts today...unless you count cleaning the house as a workout. A couple of friends are swinging by tomorrow to check out the house and see the baby, so I wanted to mop, vacuum, dust, etc. I did get in a 30 minute brisk walk on Tuesday and a 30 minute bike ride on Wednesday. I really wanted to get in a swim on Wednesday, but by the time I actually got out there, the pool was crowded. Looks like my next swim will be in the wee morning hours on Sunday!
So, without further ado, I am posting some pics of the new house and neighborhood. Some of these were taken way back in April and in all honesty, not much has changed. There are still boxes everywhere, we haven't bought any new furniture and there is still nothing on any of the walls (except in the kid's rooms)! I don't think I will get to any decorating until I am done with school in August. Pony asked for these months Pony, these are for you! Please excuse the quaility...I need a new camera. I forgot to get pics of the kitchen and dining room..and, I left out the pic of the playroom/guestroom (it's mess with toys everywhere!).
The exterior...

The entryway...

The living area (okay, it really needs some color!!!)

Breakfast area...I don't know why I didn't take any pics of the kitchen!?!

Master Bed & Bath...(yes, we need a king-sized bed!)

Upstairs gameroom...aka Hubby's future media room (right now it houses an old couch, the treadmill and our computer desk)

The kiddo's room:

The munchkin's room:

The kid's bathroom theme:

The backyard:

My favorite things...the trails, playgrounds and lake!


MOF said...

It's gorgeous! You would totally laugh if you saw our house since we have done NOTHING to it since we moved in it in April, 2000. Our front room stayed empty for 2 years until we bought a couch for that room. LOL. And it needs painting! Oh well, like I told you, we'll get around to it in September.

Jamoosh said...

Um, no Beer Cellar? Sell while you can!!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful house!

J~Mom said...

Your new house is gorgeous!!

Pony and Petey said...


I love the color of your daughter's room...did you paint that or did it come that way?

I'll post pics of all my pretty colored rooms once I get it finished. I'll be starting on the yellow tomorrow!

Sounds like you have an awesome neighborhood...our neighborhood isn't great for running but with Bear Creek Park so close, I'd rather run there anyhow = )

Thanks for the pics!

Now I want to see more of your gorgeous little guy...

Barbara said...

I love the monkeys! Where is Keith when we need him?

I think I spotted some Pottery Barn in there.

Now when is the party to have everyone over?

TX Runner Girl said... is happening as soon as school is done in August!! Whooohoo!

Viv said...

It is absolutely beautiful Christy!! Really enjoy it! The trails and parks are perfect for you all.

Great news on the being cleared!

We had a really great time with you guys Fri morning.

K said...

I Love the Monkeys!! Adorable! The house is great. I know you'll have fun decorating in all that free time you are going to have...LOL

Tiggs said...

great house!

It was good to see you too! I was thrilled to see the baby!!! he is super cute.