Thursday, June 19, 2008

Misc Shiznit

Workouts 1st -
50 minute super brisk walk with some neighborhood gals.
As much as I need to get back to the running, I really enjoyed walking with the chicas from the 'hood. Maybe I can convince them that they need to start running. LOL!

40 minute bike ride
I added 10 extra minutes and increased my how much I don't know...I need to either get a computer thingy for my bike or dig my Garmin out of the boxes we have yet to unpack.

No workout, unless you count my homework as a workout...maybe a workout of the mind? :-)

Speaking of school, I'm taking 2 classes this semester...have I mentioned that this is my FINAL SEMESTER??? One is a Marketing Capstone class that combines all the stuff from the previous marketing classes. We have to come up with a detailed marketing plan for a fictional product.

Piece.of.cake. (for reals)

The other class is our Management Capstone that combines EVERYTHING we've learned in our illustrious MBA careers and combines it into a big 'ol project. The class is split into 6 groups that make up 6 different companies that all sell the same product. We have to strategize on everything from our R&D, production, marketing, HR, TQM, etc. without knowing what the other teams are doing. (true story)

I didn't think this was going to be difficult, afterall our group includes two of the most financially savvy minds in the entire MBA cohort. Plus, we've had this professor before and even though he's the toughest one I've had, he's an excellent teacher. No sweat, right?


Our group placed last in the 1st two practice rounds! Out of 5 stars we could obtain, we obtained none in the 1st round and 1 in the 2nd round. But, thank God that was just practice. The problem, you ask??? Our financial geniuses over analyzed everything and overestimated the program we're using. Fortunately, we've dumb-downed our strategies and viola, we're now in 2nd place. Last year, our stock price rose by $25!!! LOL! We start the real rounds on Saturday, so hopefully we've learned from our mistakes and will kick butt. Oh, and on Saturdays, we're at school from 8 am - 8 pm getting this shiznit we're meeting during the week. Someone keep reminding me that this is my LAST SEMESTER please.

That's enough blabbering for now...I'll fill you in on the baby stuff and work tomorrow.

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Viv said...

Way to go with the 400m swim the other day!

That is great you have meet some hood chicas! You will have them running in no time.
I hope the semester flies quickly and easily ;-)