Monday, June 30, 2008

The workout that wasn't...

Not much to report as far as workouts are concerned. Friday I had some family obligations and couldn't squeeze in any workouts. Saturday I had class all day. Luckily, we finished up our round of business decisions by 5 pm and got to leave earlier than normal. The in-laws were at the house when I made it home, so no workouts in the pm.

Sunday, I woke up at 6:10 am in order to have time to feed the baby before heading over to the pool. I got my swimming gear and made it to the pool by 7 am. It was dreary and cloudy, but at least there was no thunder or threat of rain. I had decided that this week, I would only allow a 30 second rest between laps so that I could get a better workout.

I swiped my access card on the pool gate and heard the "beep!". I pulled the handle of the gate and nothing. I tried the access card again and again - the door wouldn't give. I tried one more time to make sure I wasn't losing it. Ugh! So, I made the trek back home and told the hubby that I would get in a run/walk instead. However, the kiddo really, really didn't want me to leave the house again. I tried to bargain with her, but it didn't work. So, I ended up walking for about 25 minutes while she rode her bike. Ummm, she's 3, so I wouldn't exactly call it a workout. We might have gone a mile, but definitely no more. I tried to "race" her, just to get her to go fast enough for a brisk walk. Toward the end she was pooped and I had to push her bike the rest of the way. Hahaha...I guess I made her go a bit too far and too fast, but hey, she slept really well last night!

So that was it. I only have a short window of time to use to workout and that was it. I did get in a Slim in Six workout while the hubby took the kiddo to the pool and the baby was in the bouncy seat. I really, really wanted to take a nap though. :-)

Swim - didn't happen
Walk - 25 minutes slow
Si6 - 24 minutes


Viv said...

Awww, poor kiddo. I feel sorry for her that she is tired after her bike ride. LOL! You too chickie I bet you all ready to take on that pool. We need to get togther for a swim sometime. It is so hard for me to do my Monday swims since I am alone in the pool it is so easy to say blah I am leaving and jump out.

Marcy said...

It's sooooo hard with the kids. I tried to do "cross training with Cam once and it was a disaster LMAO!