Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Back to the grind...

Monday, 10/5 - No workout (gasp!)
Monday meant business as usual. I didn’t get to workout during lunch and we made it home later than usual. By the time I got the kiddos into bed, I was not feeling like working out. I guess we all have those days from time to time, right?

Tuesday, 10/6 - Spin Class 5-Mile Run and P90X - Chest and Back Ab Ripper X
I headed to the Y with the intention of going to spin class, but when I saw the instructor heading outside with the spin bikes, I decided I’d run on the treadmill instead. Sorry, but when it’s 90 degrees before the heat index at 11 am, I’m not working out on my lunch break outdoors. Yeah, I’m a wuss like that.

I got started on the treadmill and realized it felt warmer than usual. When I mentioned that to the guy on the treadmill next to me, he told me that the a/c isn’t working properly so it wasn't as cool as usual. I looked out the window and saw the trees moving in the breeze and suddenly wished I had just stuck with my original plan and gone to spin class. But I kept running. As I approached my 3rd mile, I realized that since the dressing rooms were closed (I had to change in the “Family Changing Room”), I would not have access to a hair dryer. CRAP! I decided to stop and 3 miles and cool down. After 3 minutes of walking, I decided that my hair was already a sweaty mess and that I might as well run awhile longer. So, I decided to run for 50 minutes and then try to cool down for 5 minutes. So, that’s exactly what I did. I was pleased that I maintained a 10 minute pace for the remainder of the run. When I did finish my cool down walk, I had gone 5 miles in 54:27…so, even with almost 8 minutes of walking, I had gone 5 miles in under and 11 minute pace. Yay me. Now I’d like to know what my pace would have been without the walking. Hmmmm….

One thing I didn’t realize is that the shower in the family changing room was out of order…so not only did I not have a hair dryer, I had no way to shower off before returning to work. Ugh! I did talk one of the Y employees into letting me sneak into the dressing room to use the hair dryer real quick…thank God I didn’t have any important meetings in the afternoon. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to get too close to me. LOL!

Tuesday evening, I was going to do P90X Chest and Back and even started the workout. However, I quickly realized that my sliced finger was not going to like the pressure from the push ups. I tried to do them on the side of my hand, but that just made my hand hurt. After a few attempts, I fast forwarded to the Ab Ripper X workout and just did that. Oh well! That gave me a little time to catch up on last week’s episode of Glee and last night’s episodes of The Hills and The City. I don’t get to watch much TV, so it actually felt good to have a little couch time! I think by Thursday, the finger will be ready for P90X again!

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