Monday, October 05, 2009


Okay, maybe the best weekend in a loooonnnngggg time.

I just have to say that last weekend was a particularly awesome weekend! The hubby didn’t have to work on Friday, so while the kiddos were in school we headed to the Greek Festival for some lunch. Yummy! Souvlaki, Tiropita, Dolmades, Spanakopita and Baklava…I swear I must have been Greek in another life, because I could eat this stuff every day and not get tired of it!

Saturday, the kiddo had her musical theatre class and then a “tea party” to attend. The rest of the day was all family time until some friends came over for burgers and beer later that day. Other than the finger slicing incident, it was a fun day!

Sunday was laid back too…the hubby went to the Texans game, so after church the kids and I hung out at home where we could stay nice and dry. We laid out a blanket on the floor with lots of pillows and watched “Monsters Vs. Aliens”, while having an indoor picnic. I did manage to fit in P90X - Legs and Back later that afternoon. Good stuff!

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Meg Runs said...

I have never had Greek food! Sounds like you two had fun!