Thursday, October 29, 2009


Thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday! And, if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do...I'd appreciate your input too!

Here are my workouts so far this week:

Monday, 10/26 - no workout
As I mentioned a couple of days ago, no workouts on Monday! I had a meeting at work that ran through lunch and then I went to see the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour. Maybe my judgement was influenced by the 2 margarita's I had at dinner, but I thought the tour was just awesome! I was a dancer from age 4 until my senior year in high school. I took a few classes while in college and even a year or two after I got married, just for fun and exercise. Let me tell you - in my 14+ years of dance, I was nowhere close to the level that these folks are at! They are simply amazing to watch!

Tuesday, 10/27 - 5 mile neighborhood run (sort of)
Tuesdays mean spin classes! I love spin class! I headed over to the Y at lunch and remembered that all the construction that has been going on there for months was finally over! And, when I arrived at the Y, I learned that the new spin bikes had arrived and we were using them for the 1st time! Whoot! Of course, it took us all about 15 minutes of the class trying to figure out our settings on the new bikes, but it was worth it. The new bikes are pretty cool and the seats are even a bit more cushy for the tushy!

Tuesdays also just happen to be the kiddo's dance class nights, so that means we don't get home until 6:30-6:45-ish. By the time I changed clothes and said hello to my munchkin and hubby, it was already beginning to get dark outside. Grrrrr, the only reason to not like the Fall! I made it 1/2 way around my 3-mile neighborhood loop when the skies seemed to go from a little light to dark in a matter of seconds. So, I hurried on my way to get back to the house, then ran 2 of the 1/2 mile loops around our little section of the neighborhood. By that time, it was really dark, so I decided to go inside and run that final mile on the treadmill. Not what I really wanted to do, because the temps outside were sooooo awesome! But, I got the run done and that's what counts. I'm really not too sure of my pace, because I forgot to charge my Garmin (again!). Based on my watch for my 1st 4 miles, I was around a 10:36 pace. The final mile on the treadmill was at a 10:28 pace.

Wednesday, 10/28 - 6 mile 3 mile treadmill run
I've been trying to follow the schedule that the neighborhood running group's coach has been sending out. However, since I have not been running as many miles as the group, I decided to cut this run short and work my way up to more mileage slowly....anything to prevent injury! Plus, I have been needing new shoes for awhile now and I am feeling some aches and pains in my feet and ankles that aren't normally there. I am assuming this is related to needing new shoes, so I figured I'd save that area from more pounding than necessary. The good news...I finally got around to ordering my shoes and I got a sweeeeetttt deal on! If you use the code RM090510, you get 10% off your purchase. Plus, if you join their VIP club from $1.99, you get an additional 10% off and free shipping! My shoes are normally $124 at the local running stores and I paid less than $95.00 for them on-line. They'll be here on Monday, so I can't wait!!! It's almost like Christmas! :o)

So anyway, I wanted to utilize my Y membership once more before it ends on Saturday, so I headed to the Y during lunch for a quick 3-miler. The best part was being able to use the shiny, brand spanking new, Precor treadmills! You know, the ones with the cute little TV screens attached. Unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to use the cute little TV screen until I was 10 minutes from finishing my run. LOL! Oh well, it was a good run anyway - 3 miles at a 10:29 pace.

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Tara said...

The "so you think you can dance tour"? Sweet! I took dance for 13 years too, I would love to see them in live action.