Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Quick PSA

If you own this veggie slicer from Pampered Chef....

photo from Pampered Chef website

Please, please, please watch your fingers! Better yet, do not operate this thing without the handy, dandy veggie holder (which also protects your fingers). I know the veggie holder is a pain in the ass sometimes - and I do have an older version of this thing, so maybe it's better now - but use it anyway!

We had invited friends over on Saturday night for burgers and beer, so I was using my slicer to slice tomatoes and onions. I had a huge tomato, so I didn't think I needed the holder just yet. As I was slicing away, I managed to slice of a huge chunk of skin (and nail too) from my right pinky finger. I know, I know - disgusting! But, just let that be a warning! I am now sporting a not-so-fashionable white bandage on my finger and I'm not sure if my nail and finger will ever look "normal" again. Sigh. Thank God my hubby was home to help me bandage the finger up!

Oh well, at least I know the blade is still sharp after having this contraption for about 10 years now! :0) I think it might be awhile before I am ready to use it again.

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