Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, 9/29 - P90X, Day 2 Week 2 - Plyometrics Spin class
Tuesday means it's time to spin. I am trying to take full advantage of my last few days of my Y membership, so I headed to spin class like a good girl. As always, it was grueling and it was fun. It was also outdoors again, which can be embarrassing and fun at the same time.

I decided to not workout after work...sometimes, it's just nice to hang out with the hubby and kids without having to think about how you're going to squeeze in laundry, making lunches, kids baths, etc. and still get in a good workout.

Wednesday, 9/30 - P90X, Day 3 Week 2 - Arms and Shoulders Running
Okay, I fully intended to do both the P90X workout and the run. My schedule only called for a 30 minute tempo run, so I thought I could do both. However, I had an exhausting day going to Dallas for work and made it home with the kiddos later than needless to day, I settled for the shorter workout - running. And, since I have my long run on Friday morning, I thought it made more sense to postpone the P90X workout to Thursday night. I didn't want to postpone the run, because then I'd be running the night before my long run.

So, 30 minutes - 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes @10:18 pace, 5 minute cool down.

Yeah, so I don't seem to really be following the P90X program very well. Hmmm.....


I spoke to the people at Garmin International and got GREAT 305 is on it's way back to me and I should have it within a couple of days! Whoot! Let's just hope it actually works!


Meg Runs said...

I think you really like your cardio! Hope your Garmin is back in working order!

Tara said...

Hah! That's exactly what I do, switch it to something else. I'm trying to be really good this week about doing abs, etc. Most of the time, I'm not.
I totally know what you mean about trying to squeeze everything in...some days a workout just isn't worth it.