Monday, November 23, 2009


Just put that big 'ol "L" on my forehead...I've been slacking with the blogging. I have been running (sort of), but just no time to blog. It's been a crazy week, but I'll leave that for the updates:

Sunday, 11/14 - 40 minute run

The running schedule called for a 40-minute run and that's exactly what I did. I woke up early (around 6:15) to fairly warm temps (for November) and headed out for a run around the 'hood. I met up with some of the folks from the neighborhood running group. They were headed out for their first 10-miler and a tad bit nervous about the double digits. The Garmin is still not working, so I have no idea of my pace. And, let me just say the mosquitoes were all over....jeeze, I thought we didn't have to worry about skeeters in November!!! After the run, I headed home to make the family breakfast, head to church and then hang out with the family.

Monday, 11/15 - 4 miles, treadmill
Back to the treadmill! I ran 4 miles @ a 10:32 pace. Nothing too exciting to report - although I did add some old school Green Day to my ipod which made for some fun running music.

Tuesday, 11/16 - rest day
I was going to squeeze in a little P90X here, but didn't get home from Dallas until around 7:45 pm. I definitely was not feeling like a workout!

Wednesday, 11/17 - 40 minutes, treadmill
For some reason, I just did not feel like running. My legs felt tired all day, even though my last good workout was on Monday. I did, after much procrastination, finally get on the treadmill for a 3-miler plus warm up and cool down. This was supposed to be a 60-65 minute run....

Thursday, 11/18 - no workout
I was feeling achy and just plain crappy all day. My throat hurt and I had a headache. By the time I got home from work, I was feeling flushed. My temp was only 100.2, but I decided to head to bed early....maybe this was why I did not feel like running the day before? And I thought I was just being lazy. :-)

Friday, 11/19 - no workout
I already knew I wouldn't get my Friday long run done in the early morning hours - the kiddo had her 5 year check up at 8 am and I was meeting a friend at 9:30 for a 10:30 showing of New Moon. I wasn't even sure if I'd get it in later in the day - I had to run to Sam's and Party City to get stuff for the kiddo's birthday party on Sunday, not to mention the weekly grocery shopping at Kroger's! But, I thought I could get it the run done in the evening or maybe Saturday morning.

Nope, not the time I got home from running errands, my Motrin had worn off - my temp was between 101.5 and 101.8 and I had the achy feeling again. Grrrrrr....I do not get sick often and when I do, it pisses me off! Fortunately, my sweet hubby entertained the kids and made me go lie down on the sofa.

I'll tell ya more about the weekend later...and I'll even have some pictures! It was a crazy one!


Meg Runs said...

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...that's so hard with little ones! Keep resting!

NY Wolve said...

That is still three workouts during the week -- not so bad!

Humble Runner said...

Damn FB is stealing our blog community