Saturday, November 07, 2009

Super Duper Sucky Run

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I've been having so many great runs lately, that a bad one was bound to sneak in there eventually.

Friday should have shaped up to be a great run...the skies were sunny, the temps were low (mid 50s) and the humidity was pretty low as well. I took the kiddos to school, got a few little things done around the house and was off. I'll admit, for some reason that 1st mile is always the toughest. I have to get the cobwebs out, get my rhythm - both pace and breathing - and get into the groove. In that 1st mile, I usually question my sanity and do the internal whining. Fortunately, after that 1st mile, I usually get those thought out of my head and really enjoy my run. Even in those final miles, I've been loving it!

However, Friday was different. I made it past the 1st mile, but never really found my groove. In fact, my legs felt like lead, my breathing was not right (I was out of breath) and I just did not feel like myself. Before I even hit mile 3, I was ready for a walk break. A long one. And I gave in and walked. I looked at my effort felt like a good 10:30 pace kind of effort. Maybe faster. But my pace was 10:50. I started running again and before I finished mile 4, I felt like I needed to walk again. And I did. It was a quick break, but within 5 minutes I was ready to walk again. And I did...for what felt like a looooonnnngggg time. Then I proceeded to run again and walk again. As I was approaching my section of the neighborhood again, where I would normally get some energy gels/chews and refill my bottle, I decided to call it a day. Rather than put myself through the misery of another 4 miles, I decided to stop. Besides, at the pace I was going, I wouldn't have time for another 4 miles! So, my ten miler ended up being 6.35. With all the walking, my pace was close to a 12/minute pace. Yeah, I am almost embarrassed to type that!

I don't know what happened but I figure it could be one of the following....

1) The lack of sleep for 4 days straight catching up to me - having a sick kiddo and hubby has been hard. I slept on the couch one night, with a 4 year old who was throwing up every hour the next night, then in the kiddos bed another night and then with the kiddo and hubby the next night (where I had a 4-year old's arms and legs all over me...we need a king-sized bed!).

2) The lack of good nutrition the day before - I worked from home on Thursday in order to stay with the kiddo who was not quite ready to return to school. I've been great about not touching the Halloween candy all week, but when I am home all day with the bowl just a few feet away, I tend to lose all will power. I SWEAR that candy was calling my name!!!

3) I was getting whatever crap the kiddo and hubby had earlier in the week. I was hoping that this was not the case.

4) It was just one of those running days. We all have them.

5) A combination of one or more of the above.

Regardless, I think I can honestly say this was the worst run I've ever had. Ever. Not even the gorgeousness of the sun shining through the trees or the 3 deer that crossed the road in front of me could inspire me to get my legs moving...they just wouldn't go. I swear my perceived effort was much, much greater than the actual effort! I am trying not to beat myself up about being such a wuss. We'll see how the coming week goes...hopefully, it will be MUCH better!

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Meg Runs said...

No sleep is huge and so-so diet is also sorry your run was sucky but it does make you appreciate the good ones, right?
Hope the rest of the week is awesome!!