Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Running in Place

Kids asleep - check
Running clothes on - check
Procrastinating by playing on Facebook - check
Finally got on the treadmill - check

Fortunately, the Kiddo and Hubby are both doing better. The hubby can finally eat some food again and the Kiddo is not running to the bathroom every fact, she was doing great until we switched her from water to Gatorade. Yeah, her tummy was not ready for that yet. Poor baby! Thankfully, the Munchkin and I are both fine so far...I'm just hoping it stays that way.

I really, really didn't feel like running! But I figured I'd better run while I can, since I don't know what tomorrow will bring with the illnesses in our house!

The schedule gave us 2 options:

1) 60-65 easy followed by lots of stretching

2) 3 min hard followed by 1 minute fast (10x), then 10 minutes easy cool down

I choose option 2. I started with a 5 minute warm up, then got right into the intervals. The result was 4 miles at a 10:02 pace (40:08)! I think this is my fastest set of intervals on the treadmill so far...yeah, this is "fast" for me. :-) I followed with a 1 mile cool down, which actually put me over the 10 minute cool down on the schedule.

It felt great to hammer out those miles...stress relief at it's best!


Tara said...

I hope everyone in your household is better soon and that you don't get it!!

I always procrastinate on facebook. I have come to think of FB as a time warp.

Way to get that run in!!

Jenn said...

Great Job! It is always quite a process when I get on the treadmill too. Usually takes about as long as the workout to get myself actually running!!

Meg Runs said...

SO happy everyone is better!
I had to quit was just sucking the life out of me AND my son realized that I was secretly stalking him I just blog.
Get to work!