Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Poop, puke and more puke

Ugh, the stomach flu has hit our home once again. It was just September when I had it (yes, the day of the Eastside Tri too!), then the Hubby and then the Kiddo...luckily, the Munchkin made it out unscathed!

This time, it started with the hubby on Monday. I know when he misses his martial arts classes that he feels like complete and utter poop! He was feeling better yesterday, so he changed the sheets in our room (I slept on the couch in an effort to avoid getting it!) and sprayed everything in the house with Lysol. Still, I was leery about entering our bedroom (aka the "hot zone") when I arrived home from work...especially the "powder room" where the toilet resides. But, when the hubby managed to hold down some soup and crackers, and later even ate a Kit Kat from the Halloween candy bowl, I knew he was better. I still handled everything kid related last night - just in case he was contagious - took the kiddo to dance class, got the kids bathed and fed, tucked them each into bed and made lunches for the next day.

But, it seems that I let my guard down too 10:40 pm last night, I knew something wasn't right. The Kiddo woke up:

Kiddo: Mommy! (pause) MOM-MY!
Me: What is it Kiddo??? (yeah, I'm rolling my eyes because I think she's trying to avoid going to sleep)
Kiddo: I love you!
Me: I love you too, now go to sleep!

This is not uncommon when she 1st goes to bed and is trying to avoid going to sleep...but at 10:40 it seemed weird. Then, 20 minutes later I heard it again, but this time more urgent:

Kiddo: MOM-MY
Me: What is it Kiddo?

Yep, this was not a good sign of things to come. Knowing that, I decided to bring her downstairs to the "hot zone" where she could be near me and closer to a bathroom. From that point until about 4:00 am, she woke up every hour to throw up. Fun times, I tell you! And, she kept wanting water. More and more water. But, her tummy didn't even want water.

Ugh, it was a Starbucks morning for sure!

Fortunately, the Munchkin and I both seem fine so far...let's just hope it stays that way. As soon as the kiddo starts showing signs of improvement, I am gonna arm myself with rubber gloves and clorox spray and start cleaning like crazy - and I will be starting in the "hot zone". Wonder if I can borrow the local HazMat crew for an hour or two? In the meantime, I need some of that yellow tape to rope off the entire area - DO NOT ENTER!

Needless to say, there were no workouts yesterday.


Meg Runs said...

Poor sweetie, I do remember those days. Keep washing your hands!!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.