Friday, November 13, 2009

Slow Long Run

Ahhhh Friday, how I love thee! I got the kids off to school and headed home for my long run. On my way back from the school, I noticed 2 deer heading out of the woods and into the road directly in front of my car! Then, after a short pause, another deer darted across the road. It was an amazing site and almost exactly like the one during my run last week. Oh and the best part? It was a freaking fabulous 48 degrees! Yiiipppeee!!!

I started off rather slow...just trying to avoid a re occurrence of last week's crap out. Overall, the run went well. I found myself thinking a lot about work and other stuff, which really kept me from getting into that zone. You know the one - where my mind just wanders off, my eyes just take in the views of nature around me, my ears just listen to the rhythm of my footsteps beneath me and my feet just go. If I think about anything, it's my cadence and every now and then, I give myself a little mental push. When I finally did get into "the zone" it was around mile 4.5 and about the time I reached the neighborhood elementary school...I had to stop several times for cars and my pace and "zone-iness" went out the window!

When I finally felt myself picking up the pace a little (around mile 7), I decided that I'd run around some different sections of the neighborhood. That was about the time that my Garmin crapped out on me (AGAIN!). So, I ran some extra at the end just in case and later found that I had actually run 11 rather than 10! When my Garmin stopped, I was at a 10:58, I really don't know what my final pace was. I am assuming about the same, but who knows. I did walk a bit to press the buttons on the Garmin, curse a lot and then press the buttons some more (as if it would help!). Needless to say, I really want to put my Garmin in the street and run over it. Then, I want to put the car in reverse and run over it again! Grrrrrr!

Anyway, it was a slow run. My slowest long run in a long time! But, I am happy to have successfully run 11 and feel pretty good doing it! I can work on speed during the week and hopefully run 11 & 12 in the next few weeks and get stronger and stronger!

Best of luck to all my running peeps doing San Antonio this weekend - Jamie, Stephanie, Mary, Lacy, Dawn, Toby, Sharla, Jay and Vic - go kick some asphalt!!!

PSA: Why oh why do people feel they must stop at stop signs and then just sit there? This happened to me 3x during my run...I was approaching the intersection and had to slow down to see what the person was going to do. Twice, the person at the stop sign proceeded to sit there and play with their phone. Ugh! So please, look for runners as you approach a stop sign in your neighborhood! Don't screw with their pace by making them slow down or stop waiting to see what you're gonna do! Okay?


Meg Runs said...

Ha, thanks for the shout out to drivers who stop for ages! Glad you had a nice run, happy Friday!

Mistyfied said...

Great to finally meet you at Viv's yesterday.