Monday, November 02, 2009

Whew, what a weekend!

The weather in Houston has been un-freaking-believable!

After weeks and weeks of 100+ degree temps, Mother Nature decided to give us a nice break. Lows in the upper 40's/low 50's and highs in the low 70's - that's what I'm talking about! It almost makes you forget that April/May will bring us the 90's again. I intend to enjoy it while I can!!!

Friday, 10/30 - Neighborhood long run, 8.5 miles
The schedule called for 8.5-9 miles. I intended to do the whole 9, but after getting the kids to school I did a few things around the house until I only had enough time for 8.5. Oh well, that's how it goes. Plus, my tummy felt weird - almost like an "I drank to much the night before" feeling, but I hadn't been drinking. I almost talked myself out of running in the morning and came really close to postponing the run until the evening. But then I asked myself, "if it were Saturday and you were running with the running group, would you still show up?". Of course, the answer was "YES". So out to the asphalt I went.

Overall, the run felt great. I think I've mentioned the other lady in the neighborhood who does a long run on Friday mornings...well, I ran into her again. This is the woman with 0% body fat and a killer 6-pack who runs like the wind. Yeah, she was my inspiration to get my feet moving a little faster. I ran for just over 1:30 at a 10:42 pace. Not too bad.

After my run, I headed to the kid's school for their Fall Festival. Due to some miscommunication, I missed out on the kid's trick or treating but I did get to each lunch with them. So cute! Let's just say I have a ton of respect for their teachers...I couldn't do it!

The kids before school...the Munchkin would not let me put him in his costume!

The kiddo with her friends at school...time for lunch!

Saturday, 10/31 - HALLOWEEN! (rest day)
So much fun! The kiddo had her musical theater class in the morning and she got to wear her Halloween costume...I am so glad when the kids can wear them more than once! Later, we took the kids to the neighborhood playground - gotta enjoy the gorgeous weather!!! Before we knew it, it was trick or treat time. The munchkin refused to nap - today of all days! But, both kids had a great time trick or treating. The kiddo showed the munchkin the ropes - how to say "trick or treat", be sure to say "thank you", etc. The munchkin had no idea what to think of all the chaos. He stared at the kids in costume, remembered to say "thank you" about 50% of the time and would not let go of his big green jack o' lantern bucket for anything! It was all so cute!

Finally a picture in his costume...sort of. He did not like to Elmo hood on his head!

Riding around the 'hood in style. Yeah, this is the life! See that look on the Muchkin's face? It says take my bucket and die!

At home and out of the costume. See? He's still hanging onto that bucket!

Sunday, 11/1 - Neighborhood 3-miler
Miles = 3.15, Candy = 6

The one thing I do like about the time change is that the sunrise is soooo much earlier! I woke up at 6 am to try to sneak in a run before the kids woke up. Naturally, the kiddo woke me up about 5 minutes before the alarm clock went off. So much for being sneaky!

For some reason, I could not seem to get my feet moving. You'd think with the perfectly awesome temps (47) and the gorgeous sunrise, I'd be inspired to get going...but, I could not seem to move faster than a 10:48 pace for most of the run. I guess that's okay, since it's supposed to be my "easy" run anyway. I sped up a little in the last 1/2 mile, so my final pace was 10:40 for 3.15 miles. Oh, and I saw 6 pieces of dropped candy on the sidewalk from the night before, lol!

Later, the kiddo and I had a "girls night out" and went to see Mary Poppins. I have to admit, the movie kind of gets on my nerves and I wasn't sure I really wanted to see the musical. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised with the stage production. It was awesome! And, the kiddo and I loved that Mary Poppins flew with her umbrella right over the audience at the end. What a fun way to end the weekend!


Stephanie said...

Aren't you loving this weather? After the summer we just had in Texas - I will NEVER, EVER complain about the cold weather again.

Teamarcia said...

What a fun weekend! The kiddos are adorable!

Meg Runs said...

OK, your kids are soooo cute! Looks like they had fun too. I love the girls night out idea with your daughter, fun.

Tara said...

Awww...your kids are just so adorable. I absolutely love seeing all of the little ones in their costumes; they get sooo excited!!