Thursday, June 16, 2011


Even the Kiddo called me grumpy the other day. Between having strep and the stupid toe, I had not had a proper workout in almost 3 days.

Yes, I am grumpy.

I’ve also been grumpy, because DH and I have been extremely indecisive about whether or not we’re running Disney in January. I am probably the most indecisive person around, but at the same time, I hate hanging in the balance and not knowing what we’re doing. Actually, I know that I want to do it, but I have yet to get the hubby to decide…and he’s the one who came up with this idea in the first place. If we do decide to go, I will do the Goofy Challenge and he will do either the half or the full (or maybe even Goofy as well).

I guess this indecisiveness makes me grumpy because I am the family’s CFO…I need to know how to plan! There’s a lot going on between now and Disney – NYC Marathon trip, Kiddo’s birthday, Christmas, etc. And those race entry fees aren’t cheap! Plus there’s a little guilt in knowing that we’re going to NYC sans kids and would go to Orlando sans kids 2 months later (due to budget constraints). I know it sounds sacrilegious to go to Disney without the kids, but we’re not really planning to “do Disney”. We’d arrive early Friday and come home Monday with a race on Sat (the ½ marathon) and then again on Sunday (the full). We figure we’re really not there to ride rides and meet Mickey, you know? But still…the kids might not take it very well. Decisions, decisions.

I am also grumpy, because I had this brilliant plan to work on increasing distance through the months of May and June, so that when NYC training really got started in July, I would already be used to running 10-15 miles in the summer heat and gradually increasing the mileage wouldn’t seem quite so tough. Instead, I will be rebuilding my base thanks to 6 weeks of absolutely no running. Grrr…. I know rebuilding is not as bad as starting from scratch, but still…

Luckily, I am over the strep and will be working out today. My kids and hubby are thankful for that.

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