Friday, June 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up - The week in review

Well, even with the broken toe I am getting in some workouts...last week was a busy one at work and I only managed to get in 1 workout during the week. One. A swim. I can't remember the last time I only worked out once during the week!

Anywho, I did finally see a doctor...more because even without the running, I am still having the tendonitis issues. He confirmed (via x-ray) that the toe is indeed broken, duh. What he also told me is that it takes 6 weeks for a bone to heal. He said that my toe will probably stop hurting in another week or so, but whatever I do - DO NOT RUN! Otherwise, I could risk making the break worse or just slowing the healing process. Since I would like to get NYC training in high gear in July, I will follow his advice. Also, I cannot water jog or use the elliptical...mainly because of the movement of the foot. Ugh! Oh, and I need more stretching to alleviate the tendonitis issue. And I naively thought I would be out running within a couple of weeks. Oy!

So, here are my workouts for the week:

Sat, 6/4 - 22 mile bike ride
Met up with tri/running buddies, Jenn and Kelly, for a ride in a nearby neighborhood. It's an "estate community", so there are lots of gorgeous homes to look at and lots of great roads with minimal traffic. The toe did hurt the entire time, but not so bad that I had to stop. Just like last week, the worst part was unclipping.

Sunday, 6/5 - 1,000 yd swim
The hubby is succumbing to peer pressure and has decided to train for a tri. This means that we have to each fit in a workout on weekend mornings...I cut my swim short, so that we both had time to swim before church. Went to the neighborhood pool, which is a nice change from swimming indoors at the gym!

Monday, 6/6 - No workout
Trying to remember what happened here and why my slacker self didn't work out at all???

Tuesday, 6/7 - P90X - Shoulders and Arms (am) and Ab Ripper X (pm)
My favorite of the P90X workouts. It's funny how fast you can get through P90X when you fast forward through all the talking! The kids and I did Ab Ripper X after school/ was their idea, I swear! I was planning to wait until they were in bed to workout, but the Munchkin saw me in my workout clothes and insisted on working out with me. The Kiddo joined in, and heck, even our dog (Jake) sat right in the middle of the rug between the 3 of us.

Wednesday, 6/8 - 1,700 yd swim
Better, longer swim than Sunday. I did ladders and in my set of 500 I alternated between 50s fast / slow.

Thursday, 6/9 - P90X - Arms and Back (am) and Ab Ripper X (pm)
This workout is nothing but push-ups and pull-ups! And, my arms were still feeling Tuesday's workout. I don't know why, but I actually kind of like push-ups. Pull-ups, not so much. After work, I did Ab Ripper X....I love that workout, but my abs were still sore from Tuesday's workout!

Friday, 6/10 - Swim
I am going to stop by the gym after work and get an hour-long swim done. Hey, at least with the injury, I am going to become a stronger swimmer!

Have a great weekend!

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Teamarcia said...

So sorry the toe's gonna require more downtime than you anticipated. You did a great job working around it though. Nice!