Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Feet, um Toe

More decisions…Well, we’ve decided to nix Disney in January. The hubby has decided to shoot for an Olympic distance tri in September and is joining a tri training program to prepare for that (read $). Between entry fees ($) and other tri-related costs ($$$) (not to mention NYC ($), birthdays ($) and Christmas($)), Disney and the Goofy Challenge will just have to wait! Plus, I felt a little guilty about leaving the kids at home in November for NYC and then heading out of town again in January, especially with the fall recruiting trips for work mixed in. And, we’re looking at a family vacation in December 2012 ($), so Disney 2013 is probably out as well. Oh well, such is life. We’ll do the Goofy Challenge eventually, right? Oh, and since I'm not doing Goofy, I am toying with the idea of switching my Houston entry from the 1/2 to the full....we'll see.

This week operation “Happy Feet” (or foot) is underway. After much frustration about the still-painful-supposed-to- be-healed broken toe, I told the Hubby last week that I was not planning to do any workouts that make the toe hurt for the next week. Well, after my Saturday bike ride, that is. So, this week the workouts have been different –

Monday – P90X-Ab Ripper X
Tuesday- P90X – Shoulders and Arms
Wednesday – P90X – Stretch X (figured this would be good for the pesky tendonitis issue)
Thursday – still undecided…probably another P90X workout combined with Ab Ripper X
Friday – It’s July dammit…I will attempt a short run just to test the toe.

Overall, the toe feels better than ever this week. It does hurt if I tense up my foot and I couldn’t do the planks in the Stretch X routine, but no major pain while walking. I’ve worn regular shoes to work all week – flats, not heels – so that’s a step in the right direction. I am worried that every day I don’t run at this point is jeopardizing my chance for a PR in NYC.

I am joining Out Rival Racing’s marathon training program ($) that begins on July 18, so hopefully by then I will be ready to go and get some inspiration from the speedy folks in the group!


{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Those Disney runs are so tempting and yes, mine keeps getting delayed too because of the $$. I keep telling myself my daughter will enjoy the experience so much more when she is a little older....

Jill said...

Winter is such a money suck with the holidays (and I have birthdays too), you'll feel less guilty this way and can maybe do the Houston full now :).

I hoe the toe cooperates and lets you get to running NOW!!!! I know how frustrating it is, keep up the good spirts!!

Happy Weekend!