Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Oh what a week!  For some reason, even though it was really busy, it felt like the time passed so slow.  I woke up on Wednesday thinking that it was Thursday...imagine my disappointment when I realized what day it was.

The week went along as usual.  To be honest, I was a bit lazy in the workout department.  I did walk 2x, but did no P90X until Sunday.  Guess we all need a little break now and then.  After my MRI on Thursday, my hip was pretty sore on Friday and Saturday. It would be nice if they'd tell you these things!

Friday, I arrived home from work and after eating dinner with the family, I was starting to get the kids into their PJs and ready for our "Family Movie Night".  That's about the time that the Hubby asked if we were still planning to participate in the community garage sale the following day.

Oh holy hell!!!!

I had completely forgotten about it!  Usually, I am prepping for a garage sale the entire week before - rummaging through closets, sorting through the kid's toys, pricing, folding, etc.  It can be a major project!  So, I called my parents and asked to borrow a clothing rack and some tables, then ran (not literally) to CVS to get stickers for pricing.  Somehow, we managed to pull it all off and have a successful garage sale.  Everything that was left was either donated to Goodwill or will be taken to our church.  Ahhh, it feels good to have a little less clutter.

Sunday, we had another birthday party to attend.  This make 4 parties in 3 weekends.  The Munchkin's birthday is tomorrow, so his party will be on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese's (God help us!).  And we have 1 party the following weekend, 2 parties the weekend after that and then 1 more party the week after that.  Hopefully, that will be it for awhile, because Mommy and Daddy are all partied out!

Also on Sunday, the Hubs competed at the Kemah Triathlon.  After having such a busy Friday evening and Saturday, I decided to stay home with the kids instead of torturing them with bringing them along to another triathlon.  I am so proud of the Hubs on finishing this tri!  Apparently, the water was really choppy and the wind on the bike out was pretty fierce, but he still improved his swim time and did an awesome job!

So here is the week in pictures...

An update on my attempt at growing veggies...starting at top left moving clockwise - Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Basil and my poor Cilantro and Bell Peppers (they aren't doing quite as well!)

What do you do when you need to clean the house?  Give your kids some Playdoh to keep them occupied...and hope they don't make too much of a mess!

While I love the creations that both the kids came up with, this one makes me laugh...the Munchkin has named him "Mr. Jones" and he is still sitting on my dresser.
The Hubs before the race...not looking too terribly nervous about that swim!

The Hubs had to work late on swim night, which meant I actually had to leave work on time and was able to watch my little fishies swim.  I am super proud of how far they've both come!

That's it from me!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having an awesome week!!!

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