Sunday, October 07, 2012

More pictures and a weekend re-cap

Ah, the weekend!  Yes, I am one of those people who lives for the weekend.  Weekdays are a constant blur of rushing from one place to another - rush to get my morning workout it, rush to get the kids dressed and to school, rush to work, rush from meeting to meeting all day, only to rush home to either get homework done or head to another activity, rush to eat dinner, rush to make lunches and get ready for the next day.  Finally, it's bedtime and then we wake up and do it over and over again.  Sigh.  I keep thinking that one day things will be different, but let's be honest, this is life!  Anyone else feel this way?
Saturday, I started the day with my long run - 2.8 miles with another runner, followed by 5 miles with Woodlands Fit, followed by a mile with the kids at their running club, followed by a run around the block to make it an even 10-miles.  I was pretty darn pleased with my pace during the main part of my run - 10:40 pace overall...a lot slower than where I was before the hip issues, but faster than my post-hip blip runs! 

Clockwise from top left - kids ready for Crazy Sock Day, the Munchkin decided it was more fun to balance along the curb than to actually run, me and the kiddos finishing up the mile together (yes, I am so awesome I can run with my eyes closed!) and after the run (feel the love! I am keeping this pic to show them the next time they are fighting!)
After a shower and some lunch, I headed to the grocery store for the shopping.  Exciting life, right?  Next, it was time for our dog's 6th and final "Beginner Education" class.  While I admit, the dog is smart and catches on quickly, he has a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg way to go before he becomes the obedient dog that we'd like.  So yes, we did sign up for another round of classes!  Wish us luck?

He looks so well-behaved with his graduation cap, doesn't he?  It only took about 30 tries to get him to calm down enough to get this picture.

Also, I am participating in a fitness challenge coordinated by Maverick Athletic Company.  This is the same company that teaches the TRX class I've been attending.  It's sort of like Fantasy Football - teams of 6 are competing against each other and field goals are earned by burning calories, completing various fitness challenges, etc.  So, all week I've been working out and sending pictures of my calorie burn to our team coach.  It's been a fun way to stay motivated!  One thing that I have learned through this is that my Garmin 305 will not tell you calories burned during strength training sessions.  Grrrrr!!!!  This means that I have to "guesstimate" my calories using an on-line tool.  For a type A personality like me, it drives me crazy to not know the exact number of calories I've burned.  Because of this, I just ordered a Polar heart rate monitor.  I can't wait for it to arrive!!!!

The Garmin calorie count after a run, the on-line tool that shows calorie burn

How was your weekend?  Do you live for the weekends or do you love life during the work week, too?


Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Great job on your ten miles! Have you ever done the Space City race? I'm registered for next Sunday... should be fun!

Lisa said...

I live for the weekends & this past weekend was a BIG one! ;-)

TX Runner Mom said...

Laura - I am doing the Ten for Texas on Saturday, since it's only a couple of miles from my house. I've heard the space city race was fun!

That Pink Girl said...

I love, love, love the weekends! I try to run all my errands during the week so that I can devote my entires weekend to training, friends and rest!

Glad you hear you are getting your running mojo back after your hip adventures earlier this year. Coming back from injury can be difficult but you have just the right attitude - love it!

And Brady looks to scholarly in his graduation cap! :0)