Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Facts Friday - The MDNA Edition

It's been awhile since I've posted a Random Facts Friday, so here we go...warning, this post has nothing to do with running, triathlon or even fitness.

RANDOM FACT #1 - The beginning of an obession
When I was 11 years old, I heard the Madonna single, "Holiday" and loved it.  This was 1983 and about the time music videos had really taken off.  I remember seeing the video for Holiday, then Lucky Star and Borderline were released and I was officially a Madonna fan.  A year or so later, I, like millions of other pre-teen and teen age girls around the world, began sporting those super classy lace headbands and gloves, as well as the rubber bracelets.  I remember getting the Madonna's Madonna cassette tape for my birthday.  I was THRILLED people, THRILLED!

Madonna from the Lucky Star years.  Yes, I had the headband, gloves and sunglasses!
RANDOM FACT #2 - The Controversial Side
The next album, Like a Virgin, came out and all hell broke loose.  Now, Madonna was controversial and my Mom really didn't like the message Madonna portrayed in the song, Like a Virgin.  She felt that it was inappropriate for a young teen to listen to... as the mom of a young girl, I can understand this now.  Back then, not so much. Fortunately, there were some age-appropriate songs on the album and I was allowed to buy the cassette, so that I could Get Into the Groove and become a Material Girl.

Madonna from the Like a Virgin era with the infamous "Boy Toy" belt buckle

RANDOM FACT #3 - The Bad Decision
I was bummed that I had missed "The Virgin Tour" in middle school (again, not age-appropriate!).  To add insult to injury, the Beastie Boys opened for her show...I loved the Beasties.  I still do!  I also missed the "Who's That Girl Tour" a few years later after Madonna released her True Blue album (remember Papa Don't Preach and Open your Heart???).  So, needless to say, I was ecstatic when she announced the "Blonde Ambition Tour" in 1990.  She had released songs like Vogue, Like a Prayer and Express Yourself that were fun songs and huge hits...I was a senior in high school with a part-time job, I was going to splurge and buy myself a ticket!  But, she was coming to Houston on the same day as my senior prom!  What to do, what to do???  And yes, I was one of those very involved dorks who wanted to attend my prom...drill team, Spanish club, etc. Yeah, that was me.

Yep, I chose prom over Madonna. Stupid. My date was a jack ass, and while I had a good time, I think Madonna would have been the better choice!  You know what they say...hindsight is 20/20.

Madonna and the coned bra she made famous in the Blonde Ambition days. 

RANDOM FACT #4 - Finally!!!
Madonna toured again in 1993, but did not come to Texas at all (wassup with that???).  In fact, I think there were only 3 shows in the U.S. for the "Girlie Show" tour.  Eight years later, Madonna announced another tour, the "Drowned World Tour".  By then, I had graduated from college and had a job.  And, I had my friend M (yes the one who got me started in running), who was a big Madonna fan as well.  We decided that we were going to the show!!!

Once again, Madonna completely dissed Texas.  So what's a girl to do??? Go to a cool city like Chicago to see her, of course.  So, M and I traveled to Chicago in 2001 and had one of the best experiences ever!  I have to dig out my pictures from that trip and post them...we went to the concert and then to the concert after party at a local club.  So.Much.Fun.

Madonna dissed  Texas again in her next two tours "Re-Invention Tour" in '04 and "Confessions Tour" in '06...I think M and I were too busy with life to travel someplace for the know, having babies, working and going to grad school.  Important stuff!

RANDOM FACT #5 - Concert #2
Fast forward to 2008...Madonna was coming to Texas with her "Sweet and Sticky Tour".  In fact, she was coming to Houston!  Whoot!  We got our tix, but the show was the same day as the inaugural San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  And I was registered to run.  Never fear! I ran the race, rushed back to San Marcos to pick up the Hubs and kids at the in-law's house and then headed back to Houston. Where there's a will, there's a way!  We made it to the show in plenty of time and had sooooo much fun!  M and I also pinky sweared that from now on, when Madonna tours in the US, we will be there!

RANDOM FACT #6 - Concert #3
In May of this year, M and I learned that Madonna was returning to Houston with her "MDNA Tour".  We actually joined the fan club, so we could get pre-sale tix and we were ready! 

We went to her show here on Wednesday night and had a blast!  (There was a show added for Thursday, because her Wednesday show sold out in a hour.)

The MDNA Tour Madonna!

We had been reading reviews of her shows in other cities and although the tickets state that the show starts at 8 pm, Madonna has not taken the stage before 10 pm.  So, we met up for dinner beforehand and just had a nice, leisurely meal.  With wine, of course.  Around 9 pm, we headed over to the stadium.
We're here...squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Here we are...ready to get into the groove!
Once inside the venue, we bought our shirts (yes, we must have shirts) and hit the ladies' room.  DJ Martin Solveig kept the crowd entertained until about 9:45 or so.  He was very good and Madonna's youngest son, David hung out with him while he spun the tunes.

Yes, there were Madonnas of every era represented - these are from the Lucky Star era!

Finally, around 10:45 Madonna took the stage.  Yes, on a normal night I am usually asleep before 10 pm, but I could help getting excited and pumped up!

So yes, our seats were high...this is what $100 gets you!

It wouldn't be a Madonna concert without some controversial / risqué moments.  Not far into the show, Madonna sang her song Gang Bang from her new album, which talks about shooting her lover in the head and not having any regrets.  Each time she pretended to shoot one of the masked dancers, blood splattered on the video screens.  Not a big deal to some, but this does go on for several minutes.  And, Madonna did talk about voting and reminded the audience of the many freedoms we have here, such as democracy.  She reminded everyone to vote and didn't care who you voted for, just vote!  Next,  sang a song and ended it by pulling down her pants to reveal her undies and fishnets.  Shortly after, she removed her top to reveal the word OBAMA on her lower back.  After quite a few boos from the audience (hello, this is TEXAS Y'all! We are a red state!), she said, "What's wrong, you don't like my ass?"  Which led to cheers and the next song.

I hope my ass looks half as good at 54!  Hell, I wish it looked half as good now!

Madonna played a lot of songs from her new album, MDNA, but also played a good mix of tunes from the past - Open Your Heart, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Holiday, etc.  You could tell the crowd enjoyed the classics, because almost everyone was up and dancing during every one of the old tunes.  I will say that Madonna is not doing herself any favors by starting her shows so late, because toward the end of the show you could tell that people were starting to lose their energy.  And, a few people around us actually left before the show ended.  Hell, it was 1 am...Madonna may need to realize that her fans have grown older and we do have kids and jobs to worry about the next morning, lol!

For me, there were two highlights from the show.  The first was when Madonna sang Express Yourself (with Lady Gaga's Born this Way mixed in) with a marching band and cheerleaders. Some of the marching band members were suspended from the ceiling!  She then went into her newer song Give Me All Your Luvin'.  AMAZEBALLS y'all! 

The next highlight was the final combo of songs - I'm a Sinner (a great dance tune), Like a Prayer (complete with the gospel choir) and Celebration.  The crowd was up dancing, and the visuals and dancing on stage were AWESOME!  And, M and I had a new pinky swear - next time Madonna goes on tour, we are splurging for floor seats.  We can't wait!

L-U-V Madonna, Y-O-U You Wanna?  (borrowed from the Toyota Center FB page)

So tell you have an entertainer you love?  What has been your favorite concert ever?


Lisa said...

I really loved the early Madonna stuff. I went to the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI in 2001 with a cousin to see her "Drowned World" tour. My husband's ex cross country coach went to Madonna's high school in Rochester, MI. I have a cousin who used to work the voter registrations every year for that county. She actually drove to the house where Madonna grew up & knocked on the door just to see who lived there. LOL! I think Madonna's dad was actually still living in that house since that was YEARS ago.
I would have to say that Taylor Swift & Katy Perry really give you your money's worth & they did start on time.
I just bought "Pink" tickets the other day for March. Can't wait!

TX Runner Mom said...

I soooo wanna see Pink, but with the holidays coming I wasn't sure it was in my budget, lol! She will be here in February! said...

Madonna changed the world in a specially way and She looks great even though she is 54 years.