Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Week in Pictures

It was an exciting week in this Runner Mom's house...and I'm not talking about the Ten for Texas.  The Kiddo finally lost a tooth on the top!  She has lost three bottom teeth, but this is the first one that was on top - front and center for all to see.  The tooth had been wiggly for weeks, so we were all excited that it finally decided to come out.  Yes, there was a visit from the tooth fairy!  The going rate for teeth these days?  The first one earned $5, the rest have earned $2.  I've heard there are special bonuses when kids pull them out by themselves and for milestones like the 1st tooth, the 5th tooth, etc.  We'll see!

My little snaggle tooth!
After my race on Saturday, I had to go into work for a special event and the Hubs had to get in a 4-hour bike ride (holy cow, right?), so the kiddos spent some time with their Grandparents.  This was after the TWRC's Juniors t1-miler, of course.

Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house after run club

On Sunday, we had a pleasant surprise...we got "Booed"!  If you aren't familiar with "Booing", you choose two people/houses and give them a little bag of treats (in our case, we received mini Twix bars, Snickers and Milky Way - thank you for the "good" candy!).  You also give them a "Boo" sign to place on their front door and instructions that they must pass along the "Boo" to two other people/houses.  I've started this at work a few times, and it's always a lot of fun!  The kids thought it was awesome!  We didn't waste any time passing on the "Boo" to two houses in our neighborhood...we *think* we chose two fun families who will get a kick out of this and actually pass on the "Boo".  (Fingers crossed!)
A fun surprise!
Later on Sunday, the Hubs, Sister-in-law and I all checked out a local WineFest.  This has become somewhat of a tradition for us.  Unlimited wine...what more could a girl want????  Okay, so maybe some chocolate to go with it.  All of the wines are from Texas wineries, which is cool...I am all for supporting our local businesses. 

Look at all that Texas wine...yummo!
At the fest, you are able to walk from table to table and try different wines. Some are quite interesting! For example, someone had a lime wine that tasted a bit like a margarita. The winery suggested that you put salt on the rim of your wine glass and serve the wine chilled. Crazy, huh?
My awesome Sister-in-Law...we've decided we need a wine fest every week!

A lot of the wines were rather sweet, which is not something the Hubby likes. Fortunately, St. Arnold's was there and had their Christmas ale. I even think I saw the Hubs doing a little happy dance when he found this!

The Hubs found what he was looking for!!!
And finally, I ended the weekend with our Fantasy Fitness League's weekly "Fitness Challenge".  This week, teams were asked to do squats (2x15) in the produce section of our local grocer...while holding a watermelon.  If you were unable to find watermelons, you could perform this challenge using pumpkins.  A photo had to be submitted as you can imagine, the pictures that came out of this challenge were HILARIOUS!

Our group and another group got together for this challenge and we had a blast.  There was a lot of giggling while this happened and we even attracted a small crowd.  Not only did we stage the photo below, we also each grabbed two small pumpkins and did our 2x15 while holding one pumpkin in each hand (they were um, strategically placed).  We also get credit for team outings, so we also went over to Starbucks to get some extra points!  This was a fun challenge with a fun group of women!

Yes, we are doing squats. In the produce section.  For all to see.

Doing planks in the candy section...yeah, we're crazy like that!

How is your weekend?  How is the training going?  Any races this weekend????


K said...

That Fitness Challenge looks like a ton of fun!!!

I don't know how you squeeze so much life out of 24 hours, but wow! You make it look like tons of fun!! LOL

On the Right Track said...

You crack me up!!! love teh plank and squat pictures...and your kids are adorable!!

I am a wine lover...especially reds! i could go for a winefest EVERY DAY!!!