Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last Week's Workouts

Here's what I was up to last week...In case you are wondering about the crunches, they are a really easy way to get some extra points for the fitness challenge I am doing.  And, I managed to fit in TRX twice last week for some extra strength training.  All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good week!

Monday, 10/15 
4 mile run
200 crunches

Tuesday, 10/16
Insanity workout - 50 minutes
TRX class, 1 hour

Wednesday, 10/17
4 mile run - 41 minutes, 10:16 pace
200 crunches (via P90X Ab Ripper X)

Thursday, 10/18
TRX class, 1 hour
200 crunches

Friday, 10/19
Rest day
200 crunches

Saturday, 10/20
Toughest 10K - run/walk - 1:13, 11:45 pace

Sunday, 10/21
20 mile bike ride, 1:14 minutes, 16.2 mph
200 freaking crunches!!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

Gotta love Tony Horton. I owe him my "abs". ;-)

K said...

200 crunches? Are you kidding me??? WOW!!!!!!!!! Do you do these all at once?