Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Week's Workouts...

Okay, so before you read this and think, "What the What???",  let me explain - I was the QB for our FFL team.  All of the points I earn for my team for the week are doubled, so last week I really got into the game and worked my ass off (but not literally...oh how I wish!)  It's funny how you *think* a workout is such an awesome workout...until you see the total calorie burn.  For example, one hour of P90X shoulders and arms only burned around 225 calories.  Yes, I know I am working my muscles...trust me, I can really feel it the next day...but, it's not a big calorie burner. 

For our fitness challenge, you get points for time (every 30 minutes) and points for calorie burn (every 400 calories).  When I run, I tend to burn 400 calories in 40 minutes.  However, even an hour of Insanity only burned about 325 calories.  Now I do have to remember that not all HRMs are created equal - when I run, I use my Garmin 305.  When I workout indoors, I used my Polar FT4.  And I swear to God that my Polar shows much fewer calories burned than my Garmin.  I mean really?  Fewer calories with Insanity?  That has to be wrong.

So anyway, the entire point here is that I was trying to earn points with both time and calories.  And this my friends will make a woman do some crazy things.  For example, based on previous week's workouts, I knew that the Brazil Butt Lift Bum, Bum workout would only burn about 200 calories.  So, in order to burn more, I went outside and ran around my block twice (approx 1 mile and 100 calories), then I came inside the house and did the Brazil Butt Lift workout (approx 47 minutes), then I ran around the block twice more.  And, with my wonky hip, I knew I really shouldn't run everyday, so I mixed up my runs with some walking. When I did P90X, I ran up and down the stairs while Tony Horton was gabbing, so I could burn more calories.  You get the idea....

Needless to say, I was pretty freaking tired by the end of the week...and I want to train for an Ironman? (eventually)  Hmmmm, I may need to rethink that. :-)  But, I think I did a good job in getting points for our team, so it was all worth it!

Monday, 11/12
Run - slow 42 minute run, 3.78 miles
Strength training - 30 minutes - triceps, biceps & back
Stretching - 30 minutes (still focusing on those calves)
200 crunches x 2

Tuesday, 11/13
Morning workout - 1 hr, 9 minutes
 - Run 12 minutes
 - Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt workout 47 minutes
 - Run 10 minutes
Walk - 1 hr 30 minutes with teammate, Kelly
Stretching - 30 minutes (Dr. Chiro would be proud!)
200 Crunches x 2

Wednesday, 11/14
Run/Walk - 1 hour (10 minute walk/40 min run/10 minute walk)
Weights (P90X Shoulders & Arms), Running, Stairs - 1 hr 30 min
200 crunches x 2

Thursday, 11/15 
Run/Walk - 1 hour
Spin Class - 1 hour
Stretching - 30 minutes
200 crunches x 2

Friday, 11/16
Rest day
Walk - 30 minutes
Stretching - 30 minutes
200 crunches x 2

Saturday, 11/17
Run - 12 miles, 2 hr 7 min
Walk around A&M Campus
 - 1 hr 55 min, around campus and to stadium toting a kid on my back
 - 1 hour, around campus and back to car
200 crunches

Sunday,  11/18
Bike - 1 hr, 6 minutes
Walk with the kiddos - 36 minutes
200 Crunches 


On the Right Track said...

and...can you move today, lol??

I am sore just reading about it ;)

Michelle Dragoo said...

OMG you are a maniac! You go lady lou! xoxo