Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weighing In - an update

I realized that I really slacked off from the eating/weight loss/nutrition updates a couple of months ago.  For that, I am sorry.  It's kinda hard to follow someone's weight loss journey when they are not posting about it.

I've definitely had my struggles.  In August, we had our vacation to San Antonio and while I stayed on my eating plan about 75% of the time, it seems like I never quite got back on the wagon as well as I had before.  At my weigh in in August, I saw some pretty awesome results...

And then, I weighed in again in October...I had reached my weight loss goal, but had only lost a little over 1% of body fat.  This could be due to me increasing my cardio workouts and decreasing my strength training workouts.  Since then, I have managed to lose 1.7 more pounds for a grand total of..............


15 lbs

I've lost a total of 6.3% body fat (I still have work to do here), and total of 12.8 lbs of fat are gone.  I need to find my measurements, but I have lost several inches in my weight, hips, legs, shoulders and arms.  I have had to buy new clothes...and my old clothes that no longer fit?  I've given some away to friends and donated the rest!

You get cool (which can also be scary) charts like this when you weigh in....

While I am super happy about that, I have to admit - October has been a tough month for me. It seems like the minute October hit the calendar, the candy appeared at work.  And not just any candy.


Chocolate, my friends, is my worst enemy.  It's my weakness. My Achilles heel.  My kryponite.  Okay, that and candy corn. I managed to stay away from the candy at first, but gradually my willpower began to fade. I found myself grabbing a mini-Mounds at work.  Then, I had to make a quick trip to CVS for something and found myself also buying a bag of Brach's candy corn ('cause when it comes to candy corn, I only buy the good stuff!).  And, I totally pigged out on the candy corn on the drive home.  It was only 8 minutes, but still.  One can do a lot of damage with candy corn in 8 minutes.  By the time I pulled my car into the garage, I felt like crap - both my stomach and my thoughts.  I threw was was left in the garbage.  Damage done, but I wasn't going to let that happen again!

Evil, evil candy corn!

And, while the Hubs took our Halloween candy to his office, everyone else at my office brought their candy in.  A mini-Kit Kat here, a fun sized Twix there...yeah, it all adds up.  And I am up almost 3 pounds.  Sigh.  Even though I was eating the right foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all those extras got me.  And, it didn't help that a family member came to visit and brought a large supply of M&Ms and cookies.

So yes, I've been eating stuff like this..

And this...

I've also been eating too much of this...
What's so "fun" about something this small?

However, on Tuesday I decided enough was enough.  I declared that day, November 13, my official "Sugar-detox-back-on-the-wagon" day!  This time of year is difficult for the weight-challenged.  But, I have lost weight during the holidays before and I will do it again!


Remember, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are just that - a day. I will splurge (within reason) on those days and those days only.  All the Christmas parties and office festivities are not my license to splurge!  Fortunately, this is also the time of year when those of us training for the Houston Marathon and 1/2 Marathon are hitting our peak mileage.  And while you can't exercise away a bad diet, it certainly can't hurt!

Oh how I wish I could!

Do tend to gain during the holidays?  How do you deal with all the temptation this time of year?


On the Right Track said...

I am usually good around the holidays and only s;lurge on those days...however this year with the hurricane and being at home for about 12 days...there was nothing to do but EAT!!! So, I feel as thought hte holidays already hit!

My big weakness is wine...i love it and love having a glasse very my age is it starting to CREEP up...yikes!

Way to go on your weight loss girl!!

Lisa said...

That is so true, "You can't out exercise a bad diet". I know too many runners who think by running 15-20 miles that gives them license to eat everything in sight & then they wonder why they gain weight.
I'm down probably 15-17 lbs since feb of this year so I know what you mean about having to buy new clothes. It's an expense I've been happy to have lately.

Keep up the good work!

Tara @ said...

I am right there with you, trying to lose weight during probably the worst possible time. I joined WW and I'm seeing results. I'm very excited. My group is hitting 16 miles this weekend, wooohoo, finally passing up the half marathon mileage.

Anne said...

Congratulations on the major weight loss, and during a busy time when we all crave sweets. I eat really poorly during the holidays, but I typically don't gain but a pound or two - I save that feat for later in the winter when all I do is crave creamy, sinful stews and chowders.