Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last week's workouts...

This week wasn't as intense as last week...thank God!  In fact, because of the holidays and some holiday travels, it was a bit light compared to my usual week of workouts.  This was more of a week where I had to just fit the workouts in when I could!

Monday, 11/19
Run/Walk with the dog - 30 minutes
Stretch (hip feeling wonky) - 30 minutes
200 crunches

Tuesday, 11/20
Weights/Strength (focus on bi/tri/shoulder) - 30 minutes
200 crunches
100 push-ups

Wednesday, 11/21
Run - 40 minutes
Walk with the kiddos at the park - 1 1/2 hours
Walk downtown - 40 minutes
200 crunches x 2

Thursday, 11/22 (Thanksgiving Day)
HIIT-type workout @ hotel gym - 1 hour
Walk downtown - 30 minutes
alternated cardio with strength using the elliptical, treadmill, weights, plyo, etc.

Friday, 11/23
Does walking around the outlet malls for 3 hours count? :-)
200 crunches

Saturday, 11/24
Run - 1 1/2 hours of hills!!! 8 miles, plus cool down walk
200 crunches

Sunday, 11/25
Stretch - 30 minutes
200 crunches

I'm hoping this week will be a bit more productive, but it's not quite shaping up that way.  I think all the activities of Thansgiving week really wore us out, because the Kiddo ended up with strep throat, ack!  As of today, I think she is all better (thank God!)  So, now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that no one else in the house catches it!  Emergen-C, lots of handwashing, Lysol and a good night's sleep have all become my best friends.

How do you keep away the cooties during the flu season?  Do you have any homeopathic remedies or preventative measures you take to stay healthy?


Michael said...

I think your workout for a holiday week looks pretty impressive!

It's so hard not to get sick this time of year. I've just been adding vitamin c to my daily routine for the past few weeks hoping that will keep things at bay!

Teamarcia said...

I'm pretty sure 3 hours of mall walking counts double. Both my kids have colds now. I think quercitin and Epicor do the trick!

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