Monday, November 19, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Okay, so technically, this is two weeks in Pictures.  I figure it would be faster to update you with one big post, rather than trying to fit in another picture post later this week.

So what have I been up to lately?  Well, mostly just the usual stuff - hanging out with the family, running, riding, and work.  Our house was hit with a stomach bug, but luckily only one person caught it (the Kiddo) and everyone else has been unharmed.  Thank goodness!  This caused the Kiddo to miss the RWB Veteran's Day kid's run, which was a bummer.  But, the Munchkin ran it and had a great time.

Here are some pics of the recent things we've been doing...

Clockwise from top right:  Game night with the kids...the Munchkin was the real estate mogul at Monopoly Jr., me getting in a bike ride, the Kiddo at Gymnastics and the kids going for a neighborhood walk.

The 1/2 marathon group I am coaching through Woodlands Fit had a social outing a couple of weeks ago.  We met at Luke's Locker for their weekly evening run and then headed over to a nearby Tex-Mex place for beverages, food and conversation.  Fun times!

Top:  Hanging out before the run, Bottom: Chillaxin' with running peeps over 'Ritas!

On Saturday a rare thing happened...The Texas A&M Aggies (my alma matter) played the Sam Houston State University Bearkats (the Hubs' alma matter).  As far as I know, these teams have never played each other, so we HAD to go to the game.  Now I'll admit, I have never been a huge football a student at Texas A&M, you are supposed to go to every football game.  I didn't.  I went to 2 football games in my entire 3 years there.  Yeah, I'm a bad Aggie.  And, I haven't been back for a game since.  Sorry, but I am just not a football person.  Gimme basketball, gimme hockey!  I have watched games and of course, I cheer for the Ags to win...Yes, I LOVE my school, but no I haven't been the best football fan.  But, in the past couple of years, because the Hubs has been watching more football (thankyoufantasyfootball), I have been getting into this whole football thing more.  (This has been a shocker to most of my friends!) 

On the way to the game, we just had to stop at the new running store in College Station - Brazos Running Company!  I recently noticed one of the Woodlands Fit coaches wearing a "Run Aggieland" tech shirt and found out that she bought it at this store...of course, I wanted one too.  The store was great - the salespeople were friendly and helpful, the store had a great selection of running gear (and some tri gear, too).  And, they had my shirt...I can't wait to wear it!

From top right:  Brazos Running Company, awesome pink and black newtons (too bad my feet are stupid and can't wear these), the coveted "Run Aggieland" shirt and a cute sticker the hubby found!

Finally, we headed over to the campus.  I have been to College Station a lot over the past few years for college recruiting for work, but I've rarely had the opportunity to just casually walk around campus.  It was cool to see all the buildings I had classes in, but it was also cool to see how much the campus has changed!  And the football game?  Crazy!  I don't remember game day being quite so crowded and insane.  I was excited to finally see the newly renovated Memorial Student Center (MSC), but it was sooooo crowded, I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible!

Top:  A view of the campus from the stadium, pregame helicopter fly over
Center:  The Munchkin giving a "Gig'em Ags" thumbs up and a "Eat'em Up Kats" claw, The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band (always awesome to watch!!!)
Bottom:  The "Century Tree", the kids ready to go to Aggieland

The Ags beat the ever lovin' crap outta the Bearkats, as expected.  But even the Hubs was not to upset by this.  We had an awesome day.  The weather was amazing, the Aggie Spirit was alive and well and we are looking forward to doing this a little more often!
Family picture at the Sul Ross statue in front of the Administration Building.

Another family shot under the Century Tree.
And the Fantasy Fitness Challenge continues!  I was the Quarterback last week, which means all of my workout points are doubled for the week...which also means I had step up the workouts in order to help my team score lots of points!  Our group has a secret Facebook page and it's a good thing that it's blocked from view of the general public, because we post a lot of goofy pictures on it.  Here are some examples...
Top:  Yes, I am working out...and in my FFL shirt, which gains more points!
Center:  We post our Garmins and HRMs a lot...this is proof that we worked out.
Bottom:  More proof that I am working out (not in a FFL shirt, though) and the Kiddo has joined me.
And, we get points for outings with other team members, too.  Unfortunately, I don't have a heck of a lot of time for outings, but I have managed to get in a few!
Outing at Starbucks....we also got in a Group Workout, which is also extra points!!!
The Fantasy Fitness Challenges includes a "Game Day Challenge".  This week the game day challenge was to go to a local fire station with a gift of some sort to say "Thank You" for their service.  We actually got a few of the FFL challenge teams together for this and presented our local firemen with a gift basket of goodies perfect for watching the Texans game.
Three (or was it Four?) of the FFL teams represented at this week's GDC! 

So now you are caught up with what's been going on in my world. I know our family is looking forward to a little down time over the holiday weekend...well, as much down time you can have when you have Thanksgiving, a wedding anniversary and the Kiddo's birthday all in one week! 

How was your weekend?  Any great plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?


Lisa said...

That's a cool shirt & great pics as usual.

My plans are to run my arse off in the 'burbs of San Antonio.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Teamarcia said...

Looks like all fun stuff minus the tummy bug. We're jetting to see the inlaws in NC for Thanksgiving. GIve me strength!