Saturday, November 10, 2012

The week in pictures...

So this is later than's been a busy week!  Here are the pics from the week of Halloween...

The week started with some awesome temps for running (50s)...I donned my favorite pair of running capri's and headed out the door with the dog.  Usually, the dog and I run pretty well together, but every now and then he sort of edges directly in front of me.  That is what happened last week and I took quite a tumble.  If it weren't for the tights, it might have been worse.  Funny how my tights were just fine, as I was pretty sure I had a big hole in the knee!

Ouch! I had a nice purple hue on both knees the next day.

On Tuesday, it was officially JUSTIN BIEBER DAY in our house (who is also known as JB).  I came straight home from work, met my Sister-in-Law (who is awesome), got the Kiddo ready and we were off.  We arrived over an hour early and were amazed at the number of people already at the venue.  I thought the Madonna concert was crazy, but it had nothing on the JB kinda crazy!  We waited in line about an hour just to buy souvenirs.  Also, unlike the Madonna concert, the concert started on time.  Carly Rae Jebsen opened the show (you know, the "Call me maybe" girl?), and she gave a fun performance.  After about 45 minutes, she left the stage and the crew started to prepare the stage for JB.  Every time the lights flickered, the girls in the audience went crazy.  And by crazy, I mean they shrieked and screamed.  Oh Lord, I knew we were gonna be in for a crazy time.

Some pics of the night...

Finally, the countdown clock started going on the on-stage video screen - 10 minutes left!  At the turn of each minute, there was more shrieking.  And I forgot to mention - there was tons of sequins everywhere.  And purple. Lots and lots of purple...apparently, that is JB's favorite color.  So we had sequins and shrieking...lots of it.

This smile made every minute (and dollar) totally worth it!
Finally, the Biebster took the stage!  I have to admit, he's talented.   He danced and played the piano, guitar and drums at various parts of the show.  My only complaint is that he grabs his crotch when he dances.  A lot.  (Thank you Michael Jackson for starting this!)  Other than that, we all had a great time and most importantly, the Kiddo had a great time.

The next day was Halloween.  We did the whole trick or treating thing and the kids enjoyed getting lots of loot.  (The hubs and I enjoyed some of it, too!)  Can someone tell me why it's so difficult to get a 4 year old and 7 year old to look at the camera and smile at the same time and without making silly faces????

Silly face #1

The kiddo trying to pose for a good pic.  The munchkin?  Well, here's silly face #2.

The Kiddo looks bored, the Munchkin looks terrified!

Later in the week, the Hubs and I had a chance to attend the Kiddo's A-honor roll celebration.  Fun times!
Me and my little smarty pants!

As you already know, our week ended with the Oilman 70.3.  You've seen the Hubby's recap, well here are some pics from behind the scenes. The kids stayed with their Grandparents, while I met the hubs at the race.  I was excited to see the Hubs head out of the water a little earlier than expected, looking strong.  Once he was out on the bike, I picked up the kids and headed back out to the race.  My Sister-in-Law and nephews met us at the race, so we had a great little cheering crew.  We managed to get our cheering section set up just in time to see the Hubs come in on the bike and head out on the run.  It was a loop course, so we were able to see the Hubs and some other friends several times.  Of course, the best part was seeing the Hubs finish the race!  We were all super proud!

The cheering crew, a sign made by the Munchkin (not bad for a 4 year old!) and the Munchkin worn out from all the cheering!
So that's this week in pictures...I hope you are having a great weekend!


K said...

Love your pictures! The kids are getting so big!

JB Day sounds like it was a lot of fun and filled a special little girl's heart with wonderful memories!

Lisa said...

Ok, now I AM EXCITED about our Justin Bieber concert here in Nashville on Jan 18th. I'm glad he starts his concert on time. Thanks for sharing. I told the 14 yr old about your post & she's excited about seeing Carley Rae Jepson, too.

TX Runner Mom said...

Lisa, you guys are going to have a blast! Just be prepared, they have t-shirts, glow bracelets, light up necklaces, keychains, etc. BTW, that's my b-day lol!